Referral “Associate” Benefits

Becoming a RealtyPRO™ Referral Associate keeps your license active so you can continuously be paid on your referrals from your friends, clients, former clients, prospects, acquaintances, or even a person you’ve just met, without having to join and pay an expensive Realtor board or pay MLS fees. Let everyone know that you are still an ACTIVE licensed RealtyPRO™ real estate professional, providing a service linking buyers and sellers (free for them) with the best qualified, most experienced, trusted and relevant Realtors in the industry.

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Buyer and Seller Benefits

RealtyPRO™ Network lets consumers finally have a way to find the best qualified, most experienced  and relevant professional real estate agents in the region and/or specialty they choose. By using a RealtyPRO™ Agent you will know that a your Realtor has met minimum qualification standards to stand above the crowd of new, part-time, or mediocre agents throughout the US and Canada, to give you the best professional advice.

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Realtor “Advisor” Benefits

As a pre-qualified RealtyPRO™ Network Advisor Realtor working for any company, buyers, sellers, and other referral Associates will find you easier, and know that you are one of the most experienced, relevant, and professional Realtors in your region standing out above the crowd. Helping more buyers and sellers resolve their real estate dilemma means more closed sales, and of course an increased bottom line.

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