What else can you do with your California or Florida real estate license?

Keep your Floria or California real estate license active as a RealtyPRO® Associate Referral Associate with our FL/CA real estate referral company.

“Referral income came in just when I needed it the most. Hanging my real estate license with RealtyPRO Network was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!” -Susan C.

Simple – Stop Procrastinating & Utilize Your Real Estate License’s Power to Easily Make Money from Passive Referral Commissions!

You worked very hard for your valuable real estate license, so put it to work for you. It doesn’t make sense to let its ability to easily earn you passive referral commissions go to waste, especially if you continuously pay to renew and keep it current!Even if you are now working in a completely different field, let everyone know you did not quit and are still a licensed agent; that’s worth $1000’s to you. Those opportunities are actually all around you from friends, family, acquaintances even living in other states! Opportunities in life always come to those who take action to be ready and able to act on them.Activate/hold/hang your California or Florida real estate license today with the best most professional national real estate referral company. It’s easy…you quickly submit your referrals online, we do the work, and you get paid. Even if you don’t make a referral right away, at least capitalize on the yearly “business” tax deductions available to those with an active professional license.

The Best Real Estate Referral / License Holding Company Solution…

New licensees – inexpensively (NO Realtor fees!) get the experience clock started before going full time or getting your broker’s license Create a referral side-business for more income Switching careers or concentrating on a new business Realtor fees too expensive Create savings for holidays and vacations Get paid for referrals anywhere even if you have moved to another state Increase retirement income Finally start or increase saving for retirement Increase your yearly income Switch from full-time sales Stay up to date in the industry Put your Realtor sales career on temporary hold Save for a new car or auto expenses Start saving for your kids college fund Make additional money to pay taxes Pay off debt Make an additional mortgage payment(s) per year Take your many yearly “business” tax deductions by having an active professional license & business (especially helpful during the holidays)

Hang your FL or CA Real Estate License as an Exclusive nationally recognized RealtyPRO® Associate

Keep your professional status and license active with RealtyPRO® Network, without being required to join and pay an expensive Realtor Board or MLS (the requirement of local brokerages / Boards), so you can be ready to submit and be paid on all your real estate referrals to and from anywhere in the US & Canada.Activating with RealtyPRO Network is also perfect for brand new licensees not yet ready to work full time (or pay expensive Realtor/MLS dues), but needing to start the state required “experience” clock in order to eventually get their broker’s license. The sooner you activate your new license the better. It takes time to build any business. Even new Realtors (paid members of the NAR trade organization) working full time plan on it taking at least 6+ months to make their first sale. So getting the word out that you are an active agent as soon as you pass the state real estate license exam is very important. (Remember: state laws require that you have an active real estate license before you can advertise in any way; even verbally misrepresenting yourself as holding an active real estate license able to do any kind of deal or referral, when you do not, is also a felony.)Simply refer family, friends, prospects, or past clients – ANYONE ANYWHERE using our quick online form. We do the work, and you get paid just for referring! As with anything, if you aren’t ready for opportunities as an active RealtyPRO® Associate referral agent, you will miss those simple opportunities to make money. So hang/activate that real estate license inexpensively NOW with RealtyPRO Network! It only takes a few minutes…

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Hang Your Real Estate License NOW With the Best Real Estate Referral Company:

FREE personalized professional double sided business cards to keep your professional status high, and build trust to help you get started making more referral income (anywhere in the US and Canada)! Act Now – the offer is expiring soon without notice.

Most people don’t realize that they don’t have to pay expensive fees to be a Realtor to get the value and ROI out of their real estate license. They can use their real estate license’s legal power to get paid for their passive referrals (just like attorneys get paid for referring a client to another attorney to do the work for their client).
We are being VERY generous to motivate you to put your real estate license to good use. Only $149/year (roughly the cost of 3 cups of gourmet coffee per month) hangs/activates your Florida sales or broker-sales license & elevates your professional trusted status as an exclusive RealtyPRO® Associate with our referral company! Also get many immediate financial benefits by starting today, from $1000’s in additional “business” tax deductions, to $1000’s in extra referral income (both of course very helpful at the holidays).

In terms of a business decision (we are all individually really acting as a business entity), this small investment to activate the power of what you already earned, can return you many $1000’s per year (take your tax deductions too)! Even at the worst case, if it took you 1, 2, or even 5 years (which we DO NOT think it will) always being ready as an active professionally licensed RealtyPRO Associate referral agent with professional business cards, to make just one referral that nets you $3000 and more (or even just $1000), wouldn’t you join? Of course you would, because it’s a good business decision and Return On Investment (ROI).

Most people think that doubling your money is a great investment. We think you will do much better than that even (but you won’t make anything with an inactive real estate license going to waste).

We’ve been told by many of our agents before they joined us, that they missed multiple referral opportunities that would have made them THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ON EACH REFERRAL, because they weren’t ready with an activated real estate license (“I told you so” moments). Learn from their mistake. Don’t procrastinate – click the orange button and join with us right now by filling out the simple online form.

– We want you to be happy with your decision to join RealtyPRO® Network, the nation’s fastest growing FL real estate referral companies / FL real estate license holding companies and national referral network. So to help you make the wise choice to join with us right NOW, we give you a 14-day 100% money back guarantee if you change your mind within this time. (Let’s you lock in your limited time offer free personalized business cards by activating now.)

NO more high cost Realtor association/board fees, MLS fees, lock-box key fees, office/desk fees, franchise fees, transaction fees, E&O insurance, etc.- These exorbitant fees are no longer necessary for you as an active RealtyPRO® Associate referral agent, saving you thousands of dollars yearly!

80% split to you on residential resale referrals, and double the referral commission to you on new construction! Commercial, industrial, and business real estate referral percentages/commissions vary; commission split to Associate is 50% (split 50/50) on these types of referrals in part do to the complexity, time, and increased liability for RealtyPRO Network over much simpler residential referral transactions.

Even if just one real estate referral commission per year (typically $1000-$7000 to you per referral) can make a difference for your family, why would you not join us to be ready, AND keep your professional status?– Use the extra income for holiday gifts, family vacation, taxes, clothes, food, entertainment, school supplies, deferred or unexpected auto maintenance, savings, retirement savings, making an extra mortgage payment per year to cut a decade off your mortgage, etc.

Take your $1000’s per year in “business” tax deductions available by having an Active Professional License – Don’t miss out on this HUGE benefit to save you $1000’s or more because of an inactive FL real estate license! Hang your FL real estate license today to activate your professional status in order to immediately start recording $1000’s or more in yearly “business” tax deductions. There are many tax saving deductions available to you by showing an active real estate professional license on your tax return (consult your accountant or CPA). Many deductions are available to you for customer gifts and store gift cards too (Christmas, thank-you, birthdays, appreciation, pre-client, etc.), food/wine/entertainment, home office, office equipment/supplies, laptops/PCs, tablet/iPad, Audio/Video, cell phone/bill, etc.

The exclusive RealtyPRO Network gives you the piece of mind that your referral will be taken care of ONLY by the most experienced and specialized Realtor Advisor available for your particular customer’s specific need. (If you or your customer already have an agent in mind that is ok too. We just ask that they are well experienced because we are putting our name behind that Realtor for the customer.) This not only means that the buyer or seller is happier, but it also increases the odds that the transaction will close and you will actually be paid! Our referral leads NEVER just go to a new or inexperienced Realtor. That often happens with other referral companies especially when the lead stays in-house to help support new agents or part-timer production quotas. Not with RealtyPRO Network!

No obligation to keep your license active with RealtyPRO® Network FL real estate referral company for the entire year term if you do not wish to. You are free to deactivate or move your license to a full time brokerage at any time (for instance going back into real estate full time as a Realtor).

– Your ACTIVE FL sales-associate or broker-associate real estate license is much more valuable than you realize! All you do is refer customers; we take care of everything. Everyone you know is a real estate prospect. That includes relatives, neighbors, friends, former clients, former prospects, coworkers, or organization members, etc. And they all know people too. Let the power of social media help you too. You will help them get the best professional specialized real estate representation possible.

Stay current and join the 11,600+ members & growing in our RealtyPRO® Network “Pay it Forward” Knowledge Exchange group on LinkedIn. Keep abreast of the many changes in the real estate industry, especially if you think there may even be the slightest possibility of eventually getting back as a full time real estate agent. Receive important real estate news and advice to help people you already know, and also gain more referral income.

Free business cards but only for a limited time – We want you to be very successful in all aspects of your business and life, so we will even send you a box of personalized professional business cards to help you get going, to help let everyone know that you are still a licensed Professional. Limited time offer so Join Now before the offer disappears for good!

We’ve partnered with one of the best national online real estate education providers to pay it forward to you. All sales pre & post license, broker pre & post license, exam prep, appraiser, and real estate license continuing education (CE) courses are available on our main website realtypronetwork.com under ‘Real Estate Education – Online Courses’.

– Let everyone know that you are still an ACTIVE FL licensed RealtyPRO® Associate real estate professional with our real estate referral company, providing a service helping buyers and sellers link with the most experienced, trusted, and relevant Realtors in our industry. Why wouldn’t you want to let everyone you know your professional status (and everywhere you can – social media definitely included), and that you are still an active licensed professional agent? It’s worth commission income to you, just making referrals!

By not keeping your license in good standing, it will expire. That means you would have to take the entire Florida real estate pre-license course and state exam all over again. Activating your FL sales-associate or broker-associate license with RealtyPRO Network real estate license holding/referral company will keep you motivated and alerted to keep your valuable license in good standing. (Don’t lose it, utilize it and get paid!)

Keep all your past clients, prospects, business acquaintances – don’t lose them. Who you know is always extremely important in all walks of life – If you’ve been a Florida real estate agent/Realtor for some time in the past, but are putting full time real estate sales on hold (even temporarily), keep your Florida license on active status and keep all the clients and prospects you’ve been farming for years. Don’t lose your past clients and commissions to another agent! Let them know you are still an ACTIVE Florida real estate referral agent with the fastest growing nationally recognized professional real estate referral company brokerage!

Your clients will be serviced by the best qualified Realtors – A pre-qualified, experienced, and trusted professional RealtyPRO® Advisor will be assigned to work with and help your real estate referral prospect (unless you already have an experienced agent in mind). Working with the best of the best agents means the likelihood of a closed real estate transaction will be greater, also meaning the greater likelihood you will get paid a referral fee commission.

Create an entire real estate referral business or “residual income stream” side-business out of just passively referring real estate customer prospects to our network of Advisor agents.

RealtyPRO® Network is the fastest growing US and Canada professional real estate referral company/national real estate referral network, with the power to also refer globally

You don’t have to join some expensive Realtor association/board or MLS to earn a commission on your own personal sales.

who joins our exclusive network by hanging their real estate license with the best real estate referral company/brokerage in Florida & California. Currently YOU MUST CONTACT US BEFORE THEY REGISTER/PAY in order for them to get the credit (using a discount code at checkout).

Capitalize immediately on the many benefits of activating your real estate license today!

The only way to benefit from your hard earned real estate license is to keep it active with our real estate referral company (currently holding FL & CA licenses). Activate/Hold/Hang your Florida or California real estate license now and start benefiting immediately!

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