Create a Team of Referral Agents Advocating Your Services – Your Own Local Leads Group!

Would you like to get more leads/referrals to make more income?

Most of us Realtors know of at least 1 or 2 inactive agents (or many more) not currently utilizing their real estate license, but who have a ton of contacts they could at least be getting paid referral commissions for. Create your own personal leads team/group of those local agents advocating only your services. And, they’ll be MOTIVATED & EXCITED to refer all leads they have to you (through our tracking system) because they will get paid too!

This is how it works…

First of all, you do not have to be a RealtyPRO Advisor to create a team (although it’s a good idea to register as a RealtyPRO Advisor member to qualify to get more leads in general too). All the local buyer, seller, or rental referrals from every inactive FL or CA agent you refer to activate/hang their license with RealtyPRO Network as a RealtyPRO Associate referral agent (not a Realtor), will be sent solely to YOU. Some exclusions apply – i.e. out of area, a specialty out of your scope, etc.).

So you are creating your own local leads group, a team of agents referring only to you! Get your inactive real estate agent friends back in the game, so you all stop missing opportunities and all make more commissions. Or even email all the local inactive agents in your area to become part of you trusted team. This is also a great way for them to make some money and ease back into full-time sales (without the Realtor fees).

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