RealtyPRO® Advisors are pre-qualified to be the best most experienced Realtors you can find, saving you THOUSANDS of Dollars & Months of Aggravation over less qualified agents!


Benefits-of-using-an-experienced-RealtyPRO-AdvisorRealtyPRO® Network lets consumers finally have a way to find the best qualified, experienced professional real estate agents in the region and/or specialty they choose.

By using a RealtyPRO® Agent you will know that a your Realtor has met minimum qualification standards to stand above the myriads of new or mediocre agents throughout the US and Canada.

Finding an exceptional Realtor just became simple. The right professional agent can literally save you thousands of dollars and weeks or months of time, and quickly get you on with your life and where you need to be. So as a buyer or seller, you want to find the best qualified real estate agent/Realtor for your specific need(s) and location.

Realtors have vastly different degrees of expertise. Unfortunately for many years until now, many consumers have felt that all real estate agents are the same, and that agents all have the same relative knowledge and professionalism. (Regrettably, this couldn’t be further from the truth.) So they’ll call any agent up that they may find on the Web, or choose from 10 or so friends or acquaintances that happened to have gotten their real estate license. They don’t realize the immense disparity between real estate agents, similar to the gap seen between professionals in other occupations. For example, if you wanted the best specialized legal work done, would you hire just any attorney, perhaps one who just graduated and became an attorney? Or, would you want to know that your choice is one of the best qualified to handle your specific needs (for example a Tax Attorney or Divorce Attorney)? It works the same way with real estate professionals. They all have varying degrees of general education, real estate education, real world experience, specialization, professionalism, and dedication to their clients.

Who will you trust with your biggest asset? So wouldn’t you want to know that your choice of real estate agent, entrusted with quite possibly your most valuable asset(s), is actually a fiduciary working for your best interests, also possessing the experience and professionalism to get the job done correctly? And even correctly may not be enough. A truly exceptional experienced and efficient agent will save you not only immense amounts of time, but also a lot of money; $1000’s to tens of $1000’s on your property purchase or sale.

By utilizing a RealtyPRO® Network Agent, you will now be able to access the best, most experienced professional real estate agents in your selected region based on the agents’ specific experience and specialty focus. The idea is simple: just as you wouldn’t go to a foot doctor for heart surgery, or a divorce attorney for tax law advice, you are now able to find the right experienced and service oriented professional real estate agent for the specific real estate transaction you are looking for.

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