RealtyPRO Network answers the question What else can I do with my real estate license

What else can you do with your real estate license? Get Paid for just Referring, and we do the work!

Join the fastest growing network of professional referral agents!
Like many agents, maybe things didn’t work out for you as a Realtor as you thought they would. But that is no reason to completely give up or throw away your hard earned & valuable real estate license, and it’s ability to make you referral income. ZERO Realtor and MLS fees!

We have the best solution for you, whether you are…
Changing careers Moving to another state Retiring Saving to retire Creating an additional income stream Going part-time Staying up to date in the industry Putting your real estate license on temporary hold Obtaining state required active sales license “experience” before getting broker’s license


How It Works

RealtyPRO<sup>®</sup> Associate referral agent As a RealtyPRO® Associate referral agent, you get paid for supplying referrals that result in closed transactions by our experienced pre-qualified RealtyPRO Advisor Realtors (or an agent of your choice) – and they do all the work! Easily just call in or email us the referral contact information, and we’ll take care of everything. We’ll create the referral agreement, and an experienced professional RealtyPRO® Advisor will then be assigned to help your prospect. RealtyPRO® Advisor agents are the most trusted and experienced agents in their specialty, so naturally have the highest skills and abilities to actually get the transaction to close, to get you paid.

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Immediate Benefits Joining Today

What else can you do with your CA or FL real estate license?Hanging your real estate license (sales or broker-sales) as a RealtyPRO® Associate referral agent keeps your professional license status active without being required to join and pay an expensive Realtor board or MLS. Activate/Hold/Hang your CA or FL real estate license today and you will find a host of immediate benefits….earn extra income through simple passive referrals, get $1000’s in tax deductions, retain your professional license status, work from home, keep your clients and contacts, gain experience with the current market and even join over 8500+ members in our RealtyPRO® Network “Pay it Forward” Knowledge Exchange group on LinkedIn.

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Utilize your hard earned California or Florida real estate license as a referral agent to help your friends, family, buyers, & sellers find the best specialized Realtor, & make referral income at the same time. Activate/Hold/Hang your CA or FL real estate license today.

RealtyPRO® Network, LLC is a FL & CA real estate license holding company/brokerage, currently only activating FLORIDA and CALIFORNIA sales-associate and broker-associate licenses to be referral only RealtyPRO® Associates referral agents.

Florida Corporate License CQ1035933; Qualifying Broker for California – Jack C. Chu / 00871327