Where can you park or hang/activate your California real estate license to make large real estate commissions just off the power of your license, without actually selling any houses or being an overworked underpaid Realtor®?

(Shhhhh…it’s a best kept secret that 99.9% of Realtor® based California real estate brokers don’t want you to know. Hint 1: Lawyers do it all the time. Hint 2: You don’t even have to be living in California anymore.)



Most California real estate licensees’ more accurate & exhauuuuuusting question:


Becoming a RealtyPRO is the way!

RealtyPRO Network was the 1st innovative Referral Agent Brokerage built for you.

“With too many dishonest cutthroat Realtor competitors and not enough properties to sell, how can I put my California real estate license to work for me, without being a Realtor®, and still make a lot of money off my real estate license without actually selling any properties, or being forced by a typical Realtor® based brokerage or manipulative broker to pay all their additional expensive broker fees, office fees, franchise fees, transaction coordinator fees, Internet fees, marketing fees, website fees, team commission split, etc. as their over-worked under-valued *Realtor(r), also working as their “floor time” receptionist answering their calls without pay, and waiting by my phone on-call all hours of the day, nights, weekends, and even vacations exhaustingly having to jump and chase the next possible lead that rarely goes anywhere to meet my sales quota, and then even worse realizing once again that I actually just wasted all my valuable limited life/time, resources, advertising money, gas money, vacation, and fleeting moments away from my kids, spouse, BF/GF, and friends?”


Wheeeew… Yeah, we know, that’s a lot.



The old super-exhausting, ineffective, and cutthroat dishonest Realtor®-based model is broken, and some would even say it’s rigged, also by their manipulative brokers.



There is a completely different innovative way…

Our Founder Daniel A Biro experienced all of the above nonsense and more during the 2005-2009 real estate market crash, and realized the greatest underlying cost for us all…limited wasted time. So he was the 1st to create the original RealtyPRO Referral Agent brokerage model in 2008-2009, and officially launched January 2010, putting agents in control of their own lives.

(CONSUMER WARNING: Please beware of some dishonest brokers engaging in dishonest business practices, especially one in particular with the initials DJ with brokerage RC, who has been falsely claiming that this was “his innovative business model”, has also plagiarized portions of our site and advertising copy, copied Daniel Biro’s exact origin story of why he created this for you, and also recently even dishonestly changed his advertising to portray he also started in 2010 to fool you, even though he copied us just in the past few years.

Should you trust a broker if he is blatantly dishonest to you from the very start? Ask questions!)

If you agree that making money as easily as possible off your real estate license, AND maximizing your time, joy, and happy experiences with your family and friends is most important, then please read on, because you are a good fit in our community…



This is the way…

The 1st & ORIGINAL innovative Referral Agent Brokerage to help you make a lot of money off your real estate license without actually selling any properties, which 99.9% of brokers don’t want you to know…


RealtyPRO Network answers the question What else can I do with my real estate license

Activate-Hold-Hang-Your-California-Real-Estate-LicenseBroker/Founder Daniel A Biro created the 1st and original Referral Agent brokerage of its kind – RealtyPRO® Network, with YOU in mind to eliminate the barrier and perceived “requirement” that you have to be a Realtor® to make real estate commissions!

With RealtyPRO® you can now easily make passive income from real estate referrals residing anywhere in the USA and Canada (not just within California!), off the legal power of your valuable California real estate license which you invested in and painstakingly worked so hard for. And best of all, someone else does all the work!

“Becoming a RealtyPRO® is a no-brainer!”™, because your power comes from activating your license with our trusted brokerage so you are ready to attract opportunities to you! You can’t win if you don’t play.

Murphy’s Law: You won’t make money if you don’t show up prepared, by having your license activated as a trusted RealtyPRO® referral agent. 




“You’re just one referral away”™…from <_______________________________________>!

* peace of mind * a significant annual raise in income * a much needed family vacation * more much needed dinner dates * a big family Christmas or other holiday * new clothes or toys for the kids * better food and health care * jewelry and other appreciating assets for your spouse or bf/gf * a down payment on a property * paying off debt or bills * paying your taxes * finally creating or adding to your retire account * a cruise * fixing your car * new tires * a down payment on a new car * new clothes * new furniture * a home renovation you’ve been putting off * a bigger TV * a donation to charity or your church * giving more overall to your family or children * whatever is important to you which costs more money…

Wouldn’t being professionally ready to make even just one referral every year (typically $3000-$12,500+), or even just one referral every few years, be worth it to you and your family in today’s new economy with still unforseen rapidly increasing inflation?



Maintain your professional status, continue building clout, and make a lot of money without the hassle of selling any properties, as a RealtyPRO® Referral Agent


Maintain your professional status, timely built up business trust, and all your clients by keeping your CA real estate license active with the 1st, most innovative, and most trusted California referral agent brokerage of its kind – RealtyPRO® Network California, Inc. Simple, professional, high-ROI. Our intention is to make your potential return on investment (ROI) far outweigh our low administrative membership fee, with average California referral commissions around $3000-$12500. 5-10 minutes of “work” submitting your referral through our simple online form, without any transactional work, is a massive hourly raise for the “work” you just did!

So for only about the cost of 2 Starbucks trips per month you save or maintain your professional status and clients, and actually utilize the value & hard work you already invested in your license, getting paid an ROI for just simply submitting referrals through our online form from your smartphone or computer (no quotas). Finally there is no expensive Realtor® barrier or requirement, to be professionally prepared to attract opportunities to you as a trusted RealtyPRO® Associate or Broker-Associate referral agent!




The Simple Breakdown…

INACTIVE License = Wasted License Power = Unprepared = ZERO Opportunities = NO chance of earning any commissions!


ACTIVE License as a RealtyPRO® = License Power Activated = Continued Trusted Professional Status Attracting Opportunities = High Commissions w/o any transactional work!




We get one life right?  We believe we are actually on God’s blue & green earth to have fun with our friends and family, not work our lives away nights, weekends, and vacations as a Realtor®.

So before life gets in the way and you forget, wouldn’t it be wise to take the 5 minutes now, to set yourself and your family up with another revenue stream, get your precious time back for you and your family, and protect and even grow your business contacts and professional clout you’ve painstakingly built?

You already invested a lot of time and money in your California real estate license, now put it to work FOR you.


  • The 1st and Original innovative Referral Agent Brokerage and Network ever created. (Consumer Alert: Research when dishonest copycat brokers claim “they created this innovative idea”, and when they actually started their company.)
  • No obligation 14-day 100% money back guarantee. (But why would you leave the community designed for you?!)
  • Take YOUR $1000’s in yearly business tax deductions only legally available with an active professional license (i.e. an “active business”): laptops, iPad/tablet, printers, mobile phone, gift cards, equipment/supplies for your home office, etc. (Speak with your CPA or tax attorney for more info and regarding your personal circumstances.)
  • 0 Realtor fees, 0 MLS fees, 0 E&O fees, 0 desk fees, 0 transaction fees, 0 transaction coordinator fees, 0 Internet fees, 0 advertising fees, 0 franchise fees, or 0 office fees! 80% split to you on regular resale residential referral commissions, the highest split available!
  • Earn DOUBLE the regular referral on new construction!
  • Also earn referral commissions on commercial property referrals.
  • Stay current with the 25,000+ members in our National RealtyPRO® Network “Pay it Forward” Referral and Value Exchange Community and our California Referral Community on LinkedIn. (Join our other specialized RealtyPRO® communities as well.)
  • No obligation. You are free to deactivate your license or move it to a full-time Realtor® based brokerage any time.
  • Only $199 annual membership activates your California salesperson or broker real estate license as a RealtyPRO® Associate or Broker-Associate referral agent.




Come, join with our growing community of RealtyPRO®‘s!

Quick and easy online registration only takes ~5 min, and no paperwork for you. Follow the instructions below.

14-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee – “Becoming a RealtyPRO is a no-brainer”™


(If the registration form does not display, use Firefox or Chrome as your browser. Some versions of Internet Explorer or Edge do not display the form correctly.)


Hang or park your California real estate license with first and fastest growing California referral based brokerage of its kind. RealtyPRO® Network California, Inc. is a fully licensed California real estate brokerage, real estate license holding company, and part of the national RealtyPRO® real estate referral Network. *A Realtor® is a member and trademark of the National Association of Realtors® and not associated with RealtyPRO® Network in any way. 

RealtyPRO® Network California, Inc.
23 Corporate Plaza Drive
Suite 150-88
Newport Beach, CA 92660

California Corporate License: 02140738; California Qualifying Broker: Yuniar “June” Williams / 01346711

We are striving to make this straight forward and super easy for you to get the power of your California real estate license back. So the quickest, simplest, & paperless way to hang/activate your California real estate license is through the online form above, and then utilizing the CA DRE eLicensing portal. So upon submission you will get an immediate confirmation email with 3 simple instructions to log into your DRE eLicensing account to initiate the “handshake”, so then we can complete your license activation under the RealtyPRO Network California, Inc. brokerage.

Click to view the California Real Estate License Status Codes – CA Bureau of Real Estate.

To get or keep your real estate license current, you may also complete your California real estate license continuing education online with us (click the link on that page to get an instant 10% discount).