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Since real estate agents and Realtors from all over the World have vastly varying degrees of general education, real estate education, real estate experience, specialization, professionalism and dedication to their clients, the RealtyPRO™ Network was developed: (1) to connect real estate buyers and sellers exclusively with the best, most experienced, and trusted pre-qualified Realtors® available – RealtyPRO Advisors; (2) as a CA & FL real estate license holding/referral company enabling CA & FL licensees to hold/hang their licenses as RealtyPRO Associate referral agents. RealtyPRO Associates direct buyers and sellers to our exclusive RealtyPRO Advisors. (The term Realtor® is a registered collective membership mark that identifies a real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors®.)

Many consumers don’t realize the immense disparity and differentiation between real estate agents, similar to the gap seen between professionals in other occupations, basically the 20/80 rule. That means typically 20% of the agents do 80% of the work. For example, if you wanted the best specialized tax law legal advice, you wouldn’t hire someone who just became a divorce attorney would you, just because they are an attorney?  No, you would want to know that your choice of attorney is the one best qualified and specialized to handle your specific need(s). In that same manner, we’re highlighting the top 20% of agents, the best specialized Realtors for our buyers and sellers.

So now, the consumer is finally able to find and utilize the best of the best, most experienced and relevant professional Realtor by their specialty and location – RealtyPRO Advisors. Therefore, not every Realtor can become an exclusive RealtyPRO™ Advisor.


About Our Founder Daniel Biro:

Dan Biro - Broker / Engineer / Entrepreneur - Founder of The RealtyPRO NetworkPrior to being a Real Estate Broker/Owner, Daniel Biro was a Senior RF Systems Engineer and Consultant in the Cellular/PCS and wireless communications industry for around 10 years, working with several Fortune 500 corporations such as Agilent, Motorola, Sprint PCS, PrimeCo (Verizon) and Alltel, and a couple of start-ups. But his interest for real estate, architecture, carpentry/woodworking, and renovations was always a passion from even an early age (wanting to be a construction company owner from around age 7). Daniel’s father passed away from cancer soon after he graduated high school, which helped instill in him a strong work ethic to pay his own way through college, working for several contractors as a remodeler, carpenter, roofer, and electrician. By doing so he developed all the professional skills needed to build and renovate homes.

This lifelong passion and extensive knowledge in these areas lead him to personally invest in and renovate properties. That developed into a full time career in 2003 as a licensed Realtor and then later also a licensed mtg broker. He pushed himself further in 2005 studying for and taking the state of Florida real estate Broker’s exam, and earned his real estate Broker’s License. That enabled him to open Castle Properties & Investments in the Melbourne, FL area. He then built upon his real estate and technical skills to develop the RealtyPRO Network referral brokerage in January 2010.

Daniel is an experienced professional who’s worked every aspect of the building, real estate, and financing industry from the bottom up for the past 25 years. He currently resides in Florida and enjoys outdoor activities including water-sports, golf, jet-skiing, boating, fishing, Chamber of Commerce events, art, architecture/interior design, custom renovations, gourmet food/wine, travel, etc.

RealtyPRO Network, Inc. is a Florida Real Estate License holding/Referral Company, California real estate estate license holding/referral company brokerage, and National real estate license referral company (network).

Florida DBPR/FREC Corporation License: CQ1035933
Qualifying Broker: Daniel Biro / BK3229905

CA DRE Corporation License: 02140738
Qualifying Broker: Yuniar Estell / 01346711

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