Where can you park or hang your Florida real estate license to keep it active, and still utilize it to legally make passive commissions (even if you no longer live in Florida)?

Better yet since your limited life-TIME is actually most important…How can you actually make $money$ off the legal power of your Florida real estate license, without paying all those typical expensive fees by having to be an over-worked Realtor(r), constantly chasing the next possible deal or lead that rarely goes anywhere, basically on-call all hours of the day, nights, weekends, and vacations, and even worse ending up wasting your limited time away from your kids, spouse, BF/GF, or friends, and at what actual cost!? Whooo that was exhausting to even say.

But there is really good news! There is a much better new and unique way…


RealtyPRO Network answers the question What else can I do with my real estate license

Activate-Hold-Hang-Your-Florida-Real-Estate-LicenseThe 3 most Important steps you MUST take in order to legally make more yearly passive income off the legal power of your Florida real estate license:

Green mark circleYou already used your valuable time and money to invest in yourself to take the Florida real estate license course & its exam.

Green mark circle You spent a lot more of your valuable time studying, and (eventually) passed Florida’s tricky real estate license state exam, paid the state of Florida license registration fees, spent a lot more of your valuable time taking the post education courses, and continue taking continuing education to keep your license current w/DBPR so you don’t lose your investment. 

Mark Red ACTIVATION – The most critical step because it’s the only way to make money! You have to activate your real estate license to harness its power to legally be paid real estate commissions, BUT with the RealtyPRO® Network referral brokerage in a completely different and unique way than being an overworked on-call Realtor® wasting your valuable weekends chasing only potential sales.

Become a trusted RealtyPRO®!  Activate, park, or hang (all the same thing) your Florida real estate license with the RealtyPRO® Network brokerage (ZERO Realtor/MLS fees!) to unlock your license’s ability to make commissions for you while someone else does the work, just like lawyers refer clients to other lawyers to earn referral commissions.

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Why you should “park” or “hang” (activate) your Florida real estate license with RealtyPRO® Network

RealtyPRO® Network was the first referral brokerage of it’s kind, officially established in January 2010, and is now being copied, and in some cases even egregiously plagiarized word for word by disingenuous and dishonest FL brokers. Even though dishonest or even fraudulent, that sure is a testimony to our trusted company brand and business model! But please be weary of these dishonest brokers who lie cheat and steal and have directly copied or plagiarized our hard work, and even presenting it online as if it is their own. RealtyPRO® is the original and trusted Referral Agent Brokerage and Network.

Why RealtyPRO®‘s are trusted professionals: We only utilize vetted experienced Realtors to take care of our referred buyers or sellers, because we are all putting our good names behind them. We never (1) just send our vetted referrals to newbie Realtors® working in another branch of our company as “leads” to fill their sales quotas, or (2) use newbie Realtors from other brokerages who don’t have the necessary experience to get past all the constant roadblocks that stop properties from closing, both of which these copycat competitors are doing. They can emulate RealtyPRO® Network to try and trick Florida licensees, but they will never be RealtyPRO®‘s. Because when a new or inexperienced Realtor can’t get around all the roadblocks to actually close a property, nobody is going to be happy, no commissions will be made, and the buyer or seller will wash their hands of the situation and go elsewhere. So 0 X a “100% agent split” is still zero. We want everyone satisfied and happy, so we only utilize the most experienced “…best-of-the-best”™ Realtors® from other brokerages.

The secret that 99.9% of Florida brokers intentionally never tell you:  You no longer have to pay expensive fees and be a Realtor® with those brokers’ required sales quotas, to make large commissions off of your Florida real estate license. You can now activate your Florida real estate license with the RealtyPRO® Referral Network and actually benefit from its value and legal power to make you real estate referral commissions. And best of all, you earn while someone else does the work.

ZERO Realtor and MLS fees!  “Hang” or “park” your valid Florida real estate license with the RealtyPRO® Network license holding brokerage, to hold it active for any real estate referral opportunities that are attracted to you, but only if you are ready and aware. (Kind of like when you buy a certain color of car, then all of a sudden you see them everywhere!)  The RealtyPRO® Network license holding company brokerage is fully licensed with the Florida Real Estate Commission / DBPR.  But we are not any Realtor Association members, so that also means that you won’t have to pay NAR/FAR and a local Realtor Association to be a Realtor. (This is based on the local Association’s by-laws that all agents under a member brokerage must also join that Association).

What’s holding you back from immediately utilizing your hard earned license’s power to make easy money? You have a valuable license which gives you the legal power, when active, to make large commissions for you without you even doing any transactional work. So please, don’t just throw away all of your hard work, time, and its value in the toilet by keeping it inactive, or active with a Realtor® based brokerage. You’ll have many more referral opportunities than you realize once you are ready, aware, and looking, to easily make passive referral commissions even if just with friends and family buying or selling real estate (including new construction) anywhere in the US & Canada! Yes you read that correctly – referrals can be anywhere because you aren’t actively involved in the transaction.

Murphy’s Law always dictates that when you are not ready (with an active license in RealtyPRO® Network), you will miss out on opportunities that come your way, but have to pass you by! You can’t win if you don’t play. We have people call in all the time disappointed that they missed at least a couple referral opportunities worth around $2500 a piece or more, before they finally took action. Actually, you probably won’t even attract any opportunities to you with an inactive useless real estate license, especially if your circle knows “you are no longer involved in real estate”. Gaining the peace of mind that you are completely ready as a trusted RealtyPRO® Associate with an Active Florida Real Estate license (and letting people know of course) also enables you to attract opportunities to you. An Inactive Florida real estate license is a completely wasted license, because it’s all that time, energy, and money you invested going to waste. Isn’t it time to turn that around and get an ROI? So why not become ready right now while you took the first step to get here (we made this simple for you and it only takes 5 minutes!), and park or activate your Florida real estate license right now with the first and most trusted Florida referral agent brokerage – RealtyPRO® Network? We even give you 14 days grace period if you change your mind. Yeah, we made it a “no-brainer”.

RealtyPRO®‘s “work smarter not harder”. Well in this case as a RealtyPRO® Associate referral agent, you don’t even have to do any work – simply take 5 minutes to submit your referral through our online form, and somebody else will do the work for you. If you don’t choose a Realtor, we will select a vetted one for you and the buyer or seller’s particular situation. When the property closes, you get paid. Easy peasy. It’s putting your valuable Florida real estate license to work for you to get an ROI on it! The only way to make money off the power of your valuable FL real estate license is to turn the activate switch on, by parking or hanging your Florida real estate license with our real estate referral brokerage company and national referral agent network. Hang/Activate/Park your Florida real estate license with RealtyPRO® Network. We’ll even give you personalized business cards to walk the walk and keep your professional status with your circle of influence. This is also the perfect solution for ex-Realtors® or retirees to not lose all the professional trust and contacts you’ve built up over the years especially during a transition. You didn’t fail! Let people know you are still an active PROFESSIONAL RealtyPRO®, and attract money off that license!

The average single referral commission is actually $1800-$2500, nearly 20 times the ROI on the cost of membership for just ONE referral. At an extreme, even if it took you 1 year (or even 2 or 3+ years) to make a referral it’s more than worth it to you! (Not to mention some “business” tax write-offs available by holding an “active” professional license with RealtyPRO®.) But just like anything in life you have to show up prepared, with an active real estate license, in order to attract referral opportunities and not miss out.

What would you do with even just one referral commission bonus each year? A family vacation or cruise? An amazing Christmas for you and your family? Fix the car or a down payment on a new one? Finally get to that house remodel? New furniture? Pay off bills or credit cards? Stock or crypto investments? Start the kid’s college fund? Contribute to your retirement account (or finally create one)? Save for investment properties? Extra mortgage payment(s) each year to pay it off a decade early? Kids clothes? A big holiday with a lot more gifts?

You are only one referral away!

How you can make $1800 on just one real estate referral!

How you can make $1800 on just one resale referral. Commissions are double for new construction.


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INACTIVE License = Wasted License Power = Unprepared = Attract ZERO Referral Opportunities = ZERO Commissions!

Park or Hang your Florida real estate license NOW with the first, the best, and most trusted nationally recognized real estate referral brokerage and national agent network.

ACTIVE License as a RealtyPRO® = Highly Trusted Professional Status = Attract Opportunities = $$ High Commissions $$ with little to no work!


Just some of the Benefits at a glance:
  • Ability to take YOUR $1000’s in yearly business tax deductions with an active professional license: laptop/PC, tablet, printers, mobile phone, gift cards, home office equipment and/or supplies, gas, car expenses, etc. (We are not CPAs. Please consult a licensed tax professional for more info.)
  • 14-day 100% money back guarantee. Save valuable time and just get it done already while already here! (i.e. You have time to change your mind later.)
  • Only $149/year membership activates your Professional Florida SL or BK real estate license as an exclusive RealtyPRO® Associate with our national network. (A monthly payment plan is also available below.)
  • 0 Realtor fees, 0 MLS fees, 0 E&O fees, 0 desk or office fees, 0 brokerage fees, 0 advertising or Internet fees, 0 franchise fees, 0 Coordinator fees! 80% split to you on residential resales, the highest split available! Earn more than DOUBLE the regular resale referral on new construction!
  • Stay current with what is going on in the real estate world, and stay connected with the 23,000+ members in our RealtyPRO® Network “Pay it Forward” Knowledge Exchange group on LinkedIn (& also in our FL specific group).
  • No obligation to keep your FL license active the whole year. You are free to deactivate your license or move it to a full-time Realtor brokerage any time.


So for only about the cost of a couple visits to Starbuck per month (even McDonalds these days sheesh!), you can activate and park your Florida real estate license with “the best of the best”™ nationally recognized RealtyPRO® Referral Network, keep or elevate your high professional status and trust level, and activate the value & hard work you already invested in your Florida real estate license (actually into yourself), to attract real estate commission opportunities to you!

You can only get a return on your valuable license investment (ROI) with an active Florida real estate license, as the only way that you can legally get paid real estate commissions for your closed referrals. We make it super easy to submit referrals anytime (no minimum quota either) through our simple online form. We do the work, and when the buyer or seller closes you get a check, typically within 5 business days after we receive it. It really is that simple. Immediately upon registering, you will receive an email with more information and links regarding the quick and simple real estate referral submission process.

You are only one referral away from___________!™

(Isn’t NOW the time for YOU to decide to fill in the blank for what YOU want?)


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Hang or park (activate) your Florida real estate license with the first and fastest growing exclusive Florida real estate referral company and national real estate referral network. RealtyPRO® Network is a growing Florida & California licensed real estate brokerage, real estate license holding company, and national real estate referral network, exclusively “Connecting the World with the Best-of-the-Best Agents”.

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Quick & Paperless Online Registration/Activation: The quickest, simplest, & paperless way to hang/activate your license is by credit/debit card with our secure encrypted online form after clicking your online payment option below (secured by Authorize.net a VISA company). You will get immediate submission and payment confirmation emails, and then another email after the license activation is completed with RealtyPRO® Network showing the DBPR license status change (within 72 hours, but usually 24-48 hours after your payment fully processes).
Last resort – Fax or Mail: If you can not pay online by credit or debit card, you may still activate/join by faxing in your filled out and signed DBPR RE 11 Change of Status form to 888-783-2009 with the subject line “Activate FL License”; then call us to finalize payment with your credit card info. You can also mail us the completed signed form with a check for $149 to RealtyPRO® Network, LLC; the address is on form. (FYI: The FL FREC/DBPR myfloridalicense.com website now lets you download and print a copy of your Florida real estate license.)

Florida Continuing Education (CE) Requirement – If you need to first complete your CE then complete it quickly with our Florida real estate license continuing education online. Real Estate License Continuing Education Online

Florida real estate licensing/statuses – Click to view the FREC (Florida Real Estate Commission) real estate licensing FAQs.