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RealtyPRO® Network Real Estate Referral & Florida Real Estate License Holding Company Now Allows California Licensees to Hang/Activate California Real Estate Licenses

RealtyPRO® Network LLC, AKA, the national real estate referral network and Florida real estate license holding company, has continued its expansion into California as a real estate license holding brokerage. This now also gives California real estate licensees the opportunity to hang or activate California real estate licenses to be able to get paid real estate referral fees from their client referrals to California Realtors or Realtors nationally, without having to join an expensive Realtor® association or MLS.

Irvine, California (PRWEB) September 30, 2014

RealtyPRO Network’s very welcomed recent expansion into the California real estate industry has solved an ongoing dilemma for California real estate licensees asking the question: Where can I hang my California real estate license without the usual requirement to have to pay expensive yearly Realtor® board and MLS fees? The continuous flow of California real estate agent licensees in and then out of the California real estate industry, either temporarily or permanently (also those retiring), has created a need for these licensees no longer actively involved in the field to be able to save and hold their hard earned license in an active status. This also enables them to earn passive referral commissions as a RealtyPRO Associate California referral agent.

The only way for anyone to legally be paid a real estate referral fee commission is to hold a valid real estate license “hung” or activated with a real estate brokerage licensed in the same state. California real estate licensees can now hang / activate California real estate licenses online with to also get paid real estate referral commissions.

“We’re very excited and thrilled partnering with our California Qualifying Broker Jack Chu, and our expansion into the California real estate market. “This follows our recent partnership with the largest national online real estate education provider so that we can provide the best real estate license, pre-license, post license, and continuing education online courses available for most states. We are partnering and expanding with real estate brokers into other states too, as well as with real estate industry leaders in education, coaching, software, and technology, and welcome them to contact us.”

About RealtyPRO Network:

Since real estate agents and Realtors from all over the World have vastly varying degrees of general education, real estate education, real estate experience, specialization, professionalism and dedication to their clients, the RealtyPRO® Network was developed: (1) to connect real estate buyers and sellers exclusively with the best, most experienced, and trusted pre-qualified Realtors® available – RealtyPRO Advisors; (2) as a real estate license holding company activating real estate licensees (currently Florida and California) as RealtyPRO Associate real estate referral agents directing buyers and sellers to our exclusive RealtyPRO Advisors. (The term Realtor® is a registered collective membership mark that identifies a real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors®.)

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California and Florida real estate licensees, real estate brokers from other states, and other potential education, coaching, software, and technology partners can go to the Contact page on the website or call 561-223-1993 to speak with VP of Operations Daniel Biro.

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