RealtyPRO Network answers the question What else can I do with my real estate license

What else can you do with your California real estate license? Activate below!

Activate-Hold-Hang-Your-California-Real-Estate-LicenseWe’ve eliminated the barriers so you can easily make passive income off the license you worked so hard for! It’s a “no-brainer” – you have it, use it!

Keep your professional status & real estate license active at low cost – simple, professional, high-ROI. The potential return on investment (ROI) far outweighs our low membership fee, with the average referral commission $1800-2500 (depending on state).

So for about the cost of 2 Starbucks coffees per month you save your professional status & actually utilize the value & hard work you already put into your license, getting paid for just simply submitting referrals (no minimum required) through our online system. Now there is no excuse; be professionally prepared as an exclusive RealtyPRO Associate referral agent!


Re: “What else can I do with my California real estate license to make money [than be a Realtor]?

Dear California Real Estate License Professional,

I’ve found in speaking with many California licensees, that even just one real estate referral per year will make a difference in their family’s lives…We’re striving to make it easy for that to happen for you too!

Your Inactive license status or an unused FL real estate license means its incredible value for you to get paid commissions just by making simple referrals, and all your past hard work, is going to waste (as well as your ability to immediately start taking $1000’s in yearly “business” tax deductions with an Active professional license).

My name is Dan, licensed Realtor since 2003 (connect with me on LinkedIn) and Broker/President of the RealtyPRO® Network in Jan 2010. First in Florida & then California, now the fastest growing real estate license holding company/brokerage and real estate referral company/network in the nation. I’d like to show you how you can utilize your valuable FL real estate license to get paid additional yearly real estate referral income (and additional immediate benefits like taking your many tax deductions) by just making real estate referrals, and without having to join an expensive local Realtor association and MLS.

After the real estate bubble burst, like many Realtors I spent so much time and effort struggling to rebuild my business, years longer than I thought it would take. It was very tough times for most agents, robbing Peter to pay Paul to Pay Peter back, etc. etc. I also had to get my mortgage broker’s license to supplement my income (what a losing battle that was, since it was almost impossible for anyone to get a mortgage!). I realized that there were so many good intentioned hard working agents (maybe like you too) who fought a good long fight, but just could no longer make ends meet for their families; nothing was closing in my market anyway. Some agents who had been in this industry for years or even decades, found it time to retire or change careers. So much hard work, effort, and life lost spinning our wheels for years I thought. It wasn’t us who brought down our own industry and everything we worked so hard for. We were literally fighting to keep it (and our economy) together!

So to help agents like you, in Jan 2010 I created the RealtyPRO® Network, a CA & FL real estate referral company/brokerage & CA/FL license holding company for licensees to be able to get something back from all your hard work, and all the contacts you’ve made along the way. Capitalize on the incredible value of your hard earned real estate license and start getting paid referral commissions, even if you are no longer involved in this industry!

As the Broker and President, I personally invite you to start benefiting from your valuable California real estate license and join TODAY with our explosive growth by hanging/activating it with the exclusive RealtyPRO® Network! Just fill out our quick, easy, and paperless online activation form at the bottom of this page. Today’s the day to get the value of your Florida real estate license back and give yourself a raise making additional yearly real estate referral income, and taking your tax deductions!

To your success and prosperity!

DanConnect with me directly on LinkedInConnect with Dan Biro directly on LinkedIn

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Inactive License = Wasted License Power = Unprepared = No Opportunities = NO Money!

  • Take YOUR $1000’s in yearly tax deductions only with an active professional license (an active business): laptops, iPad/tablet, printers, phone, gift cards, equipment/supplies for your home office, etc.
  • 14-day 100% money back guarantee if you change your mind. Lock in now before the special/business card offer ends without notice.
  • Only $199/yr membership activates your California salesperson or broker real estate license as a RealtyPRO® Associate referral agent
  • 0 Realtor, MLS, E&O, desk, or office fees! 80% split to you on residential resales, the highest split available! Earn DOUBLE the regular referral on new construction! Commercial/business 50% (liability).
  • Stay current with the 9000+ members in our RealtyPRO® Network “Pay it Forward” Knowledge Exchange group on LinkedIn (& CA specific group)
  • No obligation to keep your CA license active the whole year. You are free to deactivate your license or move it to a full-time Realtor brokerage any time.

ADDITIONAL BONUS ENDING SOON – FREE personalized business cards offer will end when we hit our pre-determined limit (these are not the cheapo type freebies given away by printing companies!). 14-Day 100% refund if you change your mind, so lock in the special now before it ends.

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The quickest, simplest, & paperless way to hang/activate your California real estate license with us is the online form below utilizing the CA DRE eLicensing portal. You will get immediate submission and payment confirmation emails, with an instruction to log into your eLicensing account to complete the activation. Click to view the California Real Estate License Status Codes – CA Bureau of Real Estate.

To get or keep your real estate license current, you may also complete your California real estate license continuing education online with us (click the link on that page to get an instant 10% discount).

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