How one agent found her calling as a parody pop star

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You know those songs that just get into your head and never leave? Like Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” Or if you have kids, I’m sure you’ve heard “Frozen’s” iconic “Let It Go” song about a million times. One smart and talented real estate agent has found a way to make those ear worm gems her own — and it’s helped her business. With less comedic edge and more real estate slant, Andrea Romeo is the Weird Al of real estate parodies. You might remember her hit last summer (and Taylor Swift’s, too) “One Day Off.” Well, she’s recently released a sophomore single called “Get It Sold” to the tune of “Let It Go,” and agents won’t be disappointed by the humor wrapped into this hauntingly relatable parody. I wanted to find out a little more about these videos and how they have impacted …


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