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Concerns remain over mortgage interest deduction

Congress' support for homeownership seemed to waver last year, though it appears more solid now. But NAR says the mortgage deduc

U.S. considers mortgage interest deduction change

Should the U.S. keep the home mortgage interest deduction in the tax code? A U.S. House committee took testimony yesterday from

Is the mortgage interest tax deduction here to stay?

Maybe. Maybe not. Lawmakers kept the popular IRS deduction that saves homeowners money, but it could be in the crosshairs again

Mortgage rates keep going up, now 30-year loans averaging 4.51%

Mortgage interest rates keep trending up -- average 30-year fixed loans  now are at 4.

NAR: Obama's on the right track

President's goals jibe with NAR's goals, association said in a statement: mortgage interest deduction, family foreclosure help,