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UF: Fla.'s consumer confidence down one point in Jan.

UF: Confidence, however, rose five points for those making less than $30,000, an increase offset by a seven point decline among

Florida's consumer confidence drops one point

While the national Consumer Confidence Index surged more than 10 points, Florida's confidence index survey by UF found a slight

Consumer confidence index rebounds in February

Americans apparently got past their fear of a fiscal cliff, and they adapted to the payroll tax cuts. Confidence surged 11.2 poi

Florida consumers more optimistic than other Americans

UF survey: Florida's consumer confidence rose in MarchA lower state unemployment rate and stronger housing market boosted Florid

National consumer confidence index declines in March

National consumer confidence index declines in MarchThe recent sequester created uncertainty about the economy, which impacted A

Consumer confidence bounces back in April

A 6.2 gain to 68.1 beat estimates from economists. Conference Board attributes rise to improved attitudes about personal income

Florida's consumer confidence keeps rising

UF study: Floridians don't seem bothered by federal budget cutting. Their outlook bounced three points higher to 79 in April, th

U.S. consumer confidence hits five-year high

Increased confidence among Americans reflects a solid economy - but it also fuels an even stronger rebound as people relax and s

Fla. consumer confidence hits post-recession high

UF: Consumer attitudes in Fla. haven't been this high since Aug. 2007. Confidence index rises for third month in a row, topping

Consumers more confident in June - a lot more

The Consumer Confidence Index surged 7.1 points in June, the third consecutive increase. "Pace of growth is unlikely to slow in

Consumer confidence drops slightly in July

Confidence increased year-to-year but was down for the month. U.S. consumers felt better about their present situation but a tad

UF: Florida's consumer confidence dips unexpectedly

Despite state's good economic news, the July index dropped 3 points, likely due to younger residents feeling more pessimistic ab

It's not much, but Aug. consumer confidence up a bit

The Index now stands at 81.5, up from 81.0 in July. While attitudes about today declined a bit, the Expectations Index increased

Consumer Confidence Index falls a bit in Sept.

Overall economic conditions moderately improved in most consumers' eyes, but they aren't sure if the U.S. can sustain that momen

UF: Florida's consumer confidence down 1 point

Consumers worried more about the short- and long-term economic outlook along with personal finances, but they think it's a good

October consumer confidence takes a dip

The federal shutdown hurt U.S. consumers' outlook, and the confidence index fell 9 points this month. Expect volatility over the

National consumer confidence declines again in Nov.

Consumers currently have mixed feelings: They're more positive about jobs but more anxious about the economy. The index edged do

Fla.'s consumer confidence bounces back in Nov.

In contrast to national outlook, Floridians are feeling more optimistic: UF's index rose 6 points - and many think it's a good t

Consumer confidence up for second month in a row

Nothing heralds a full rebound like Americans willing to spend money. In Jan., attitudes improved about both the short-term and

Consumer confidence down but still high in April

The Conference Board index dipped slightly to 82.3, but it's the second-highest reading since Jan. 2008 after the Board revised