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CoreLogic: 767,000 completed foreclosures in 2012

Foreclosures dropped 21% between Dec. 2011 and Dec. 2012, according to CoreLogic. Fla. tops with 10.1% inventory in Dec. but als

CoreLogic predicts 6% home price increase in 2013

Latest CoreLogic report says 2012 saw "an impressive recovery." Its index based on repeat sales had a 7.5% price increase last y

CoreLogic: Jan. foreclosures mark 15-month decline

Foreclosures down 17.8% year-to-year, up 10.5% month-to-month. Fla. second in number of foreclosures for year (95K) and No. 1 in

Jan. Home Price Index up almost 10% year over year

CoreLogic: Prices record biggest yearly jump since 2006 at 9.7%; prices increased 9% even when backing distressed sales out of t

200K homes no longer underwater in 4Q 2012

CoreLogic: Rising home values helped homeowners emerge from negative equity. Florida is No. 2 in nation with underwater mortgage

CoreLogic: Foreclosure inventory down 23% in March

Completed foreclosures dropped 16% year-to-year and 52% since 2010 peak, though they rose 6% month-to-month. Fla. remains the to

CoreLogic: March home prices rise 10.5% year over year

CoreLogic: Month saw biggest year-over-year home price increase in seven years, and a 1.9% month-to-month rise. Prices dropped i

CoreLogic: 2012 big year for home price increases

Prices rose in six Florida cities tracked by the index, varying from a low of 3.5% in Jacksonville to a high of 13.5% in Miami.

CoreLogic: April foreclosure inventory drops 24%

CoreLogic: Month-to-month, inventory fell 2%. Meanwhile, completed foreclosures dropped 16% year-to-year but roughly equaled Mar

CoreLogic: Foreclosure inventory down 27% for year

Fla. still leads the pack, however, in highest number of completed foreclosures for the year (103,000) and highest foreclosure i

CoreLogic: 55,000 completed foreclosures in June

Homes in pre-foreclosure dropped 28% for year, though Fla. retains dubious status: No. 1 for completed foreclosures and No. 1 fo

Corelogic: Broward home prices could decline

Broward County home prices keep climbing, but a new report says the county will see a slight drop in the next year.

Home prices to stabilize or fall in 6 Fla. cities

CoreLogic Case-Shiller: In 1Q, home prices in six Fla. cities rose 9.5% to 14.6%. Study predicts stability by 2014, with a sligh

CoreLogic: June home prices up 11.9% year over year

In Fla., price index rose 11% year-to-year and 1.9% month-to-month. It's the nation's sixteenth consecutive monthly increase in

CoreLogic: 49,000 completed foreclosures in July

Foreclosure inventory down 32% year-to-year, though Fla. continues its reign as having more homes in its foreclosure inventory t

CoreLogic: July home prices up 12.4% year-to-year

Prices nationally rose 1.8% month-to-month. In Florida, prices rose 13.5% when distressed sales are excluded from the analysis.

CoreLogic: 2.5M more U.S. homeowners not underwater

Fla. ranked second for number of homes underwater - 31.5% of those with a mortgage - compared to 14.5% of all U.S. homes. But it

Fraud Risk in mortgage apps down 5.6% in 2Q 2013

CoreLogic: More people lied about their income to qualify for a mortgage - the number rose 13.3% year-over-year. But false prope

CoreLogic: U.S. foreclosure inventory down 33%

Fla. had nation's highest number of completed foreclosures in Aug. 2013 (111,000) and highest number in the foreclosure process

CoreLogic more optimistic about Broward home prices

The CoreLogic research firm is more bullish about Broward County home prices now than it was nearly three months ago.

CoreLogic: 51,000 completed foreclosures in Sept.

U.S. homes facing foreclosure dropped 33% year-to-year, but Fla. in top spot for percent of homes in the process (7.4%) and tota

CoreLogic to lay off 68 workers in Sunrise

CoreLogic has notified the state that it is laying off 68 people in its Sunrise office.

Ignore news reports: 2013 had few natural disasters

CoreLogic: Hurricanes, tornadoes and floods? Fewer problems in 2013. Only the number of sinkhole disasters increased, hitting Fl

CoreLogic: 791K homes get positive equity in 3Q

Fla. No. 2 after Nevada, however, with 28.8% of mortgaged homes still in negative equity. By metros, Orlando (32.3%) and Tampa (

U.S. foreclosure inventory down 35% year-to-year

CoreLogic: Fla. had 118,000 completed foreclosures for the month – 136% more than second-place Mich.; as a percentage, its for