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Remodeling market remains strong in 4Q

Americans are upgrading property at the fastest pace since early 2004, partially thanks to buyers personalizing new homes.

Appraisal rule issued for higher interest loans

Six federal agencies issued rules that protect buyers with higher-interest loans, including a mandate that appraisers physically

Buyers: Don't just list a home - prepare it first

To sell a home or get top dollar, sellers must look at their property through the eyes of a potential buyer. Consider these five

What does the typical Fla. buyer, seller look like?

Would a Realtor marketing to first-time buyers get more leads targeting retirees? Find out: Fla. Profile of Home Buyers and Sell

How does the new QM mortgage rule impact buyers?

NAR released a statement praising the QM released last week, saying it won't disrupt the market. However, a few things will chan

Qualified mortgage (QM) rule announced

The QM (qualified mortgage) rule, which had the potential to disqualify more buyers seeking a mortgage, was released today - it'

Google home searches up 243% in four years

NAR/Google study: When shopping, buyers tend to use search engines first, maps second and mobile apps toward the end.

Real estate pros expect good things in 2013

There's no sure thing, but home prices are up, buyers searching, mortgage rates staying low and pending sales rising.

Agents prepare homebuyers to compete

Many buyers still expect a great deal on a foreclosure, so agents must prep them for a competition of multiple bids.

S. Fla. home prices rise amid strong demand, lack of inventory

South Florida home prices increased in January, pushed higher by investors and other buyers trying to outbid each other for a sh

Foreclosure-related home sales decline in 2012

For the second consecutive year, Broward County buyers closed on fewer homes in some stage of foreclosure.

Fast-rising home prices stir fears of another bubble

South Florida's once-moribund housing market has rallied, with bidding wars pitting investors against first-time buyers in a cha

Homebuyers frustrated by limited inventory as selling season looms

A shortage of available homes could make the traditional spring selling season a dud for many South Florida buyers.

Nonprofit to offer seminar for first-time homebuyers

First-time homebuyers are seen as the key to the housing recovery, but they face competition from investors and other obstacles

Survey: Economic uncertainty keeps renters renting

Why don't renters become buyers? 22.2% consider renting cheaper; 15.7% see it as more flexible; 11.2% lost a home to foreclosure

Visa program boosts commercial, helps international

An EB5 visa requires a $500K investment that creates jobs. Commercial developers see cheap capital - international buyers see a

HUD fair housing complaints easier to file

Is it housing discrimination? Smartphone app allows would-be renters or buyers to check the law on a smartphone and file a forma

NAR: Buyers value storage space, in-law suites

Survey: Buyers in the South, including Fla., predictably prefer A/C. Compared to other areas, many also want a home less than fi

Foreclosures may ease shortage of homes for sale

But regular buyers losing out to investment firms

More than 56,000 homes in Palm Beach and Broward counties make up a

Time to look at the FHA 203k mortgage program?

An FHA 203k mortgage allows buyers to finance and fix a home under a single loan. Downpayments of at least 3.5% are required, bu

Analysis: Move-up buyers shouldn't wait

An owner's current home will probably rise in value, but so will the price of a dream home. It makes sense to move now and tap i

Millennials want to buy - boomers want to sell

The perfect real estate storm? A survey finds strong demand soon from buyers 18 to 34, while an urban planner expects high inven

NAR survey: More vacation homebuyers, fewer investors

Vacation home sales rose 10.1% in 2012. And while investor home purchases fell 2.1% compared to 2011, they remain high compared

TD Bank survey: How happy are buyers with the buying process?

TD Bank survey: Mortgage process causes stress, and many buyers don't look back on the experience fondly. But many consider Real

Are higher-priced new homes a bargain over time?

Builders have started telling buyers that new homes are better because they cost less to operate than existing homes, though the

South Florida home sellers driving hard bargains

It wasn't so long ago that homebuyers had all the power.

HGTV giving away home, car and $100K cash

Jacksonville-area buyers could avoid a mortgage altogether. "Smart Home" is 2,400-square feet and comes with a 2013 GMC Denali.

NAR's Open House Weekend: 8 days away

NAR study finds that repeat, mid-income and older buyers favor open houses. Learn more about April 20-21 event, get collateral m

New mortgage rule could help, hurt homebuyers

New mortgage guidelines that take effect next year likely will benefit consumers even while keeping lending standards restrictiv

How first-time homebuyers can compete in overheated market

South Florida’s housing market is on a tear, and that’s reducing many first-time buyers to tears.

Open houses for Broward County buyers

The welcome mats are out for Broward County homebuyers this weekend.

Oil the hinges: Open House Weekend is here

Put your best faandccedil;ade forward, says NAR president. Sellers should prep their home for visitors as buyers are creating ch

Homebuyers flock to Valencia Cove near Boynton Beach

When GL Homes opened its eighth Valencia community last weekend, the Sunrise-based builder figured it might get 30 or 35 buyers.

App upgrade allows home search by school district says it's the first real estate search app that permits buyers to target only home listings that fall within specifi

Need-to-know home buying info for first-timers

Advice for buyers: A little planning can ease headaches. Potential buyers should first check their credit score and determine ho visitors will get more homebuying help

Move Inc., parent to NAR-owned, acquired Doorsteps, a program that helps buyers commit to homeownership and prepare

HUD to sell 20,000 distressed loans to investors

The sale involves FHA loans on the brink of foreclosure. Investor-buyers can't foreclose for six months and are encouraged to he

Many buyers confused about mortgage process

Survey: One in four thinks a preapproval commits them to that lender, and 34% think lenders must, by law, charge the same fee fo

April's new listings rose 3.12%, but more buyers began a search

The bad news: The number of potential homebuyers rose even more, keeping inventory tight in many areas, according to data compil

Pick me, please: Homebuyers writing letters to sellers

Some buyers are solving housing woes with prose.

Foreclosure-related home sales drop in first quarter

Sales of South Florida homes in some stage of foreclosure declined in the first quarter as buyers struggled to find properties i

Survey: 1 in 3 buyers search for over a year

While 42% of home searchers made an offer in past six months, only 11% had an offer accepted, according to Harris Interactive su

Realtors tout Fla. real estate investment in Spain

The SIMA 2013 Madrid International Real Estate Exhibition last week drew more than 20,000 people; potential buyers asked about l

U.S. Census releases new home stats

What do buyers want today? A massive database that goes back to 1973 shows trends by nation, state and city - a reflection of ch

Quick home sales the norm in a white hot housing market

Properties going under contract within two weeks – and even 24 hours

Prospective homebuyers used to go slow, con

Homebuyers race to line up mortgage financing

Leisurely looking for a mortgage is a luxury South Florida homebuyers can't afford anymore.

Another big jump in South Florida home prices

South Florida home prices soared in May, again posting strong gains amid steady demand from cash buyers and slim pickings of pro

Report: Condo development lagging in PB, Broward counties

Relative lack of foreign buyers keeping builders away, CondoVultures says

The housing market is brutal on homebuyers in

NAR survey: Younger buyers more optimistic

More than any other age group, Millennials are more confident that their recent home purchase was a good financial investment, a

NAR creates flood insurance disclosure

Rising flood insurance costs will impact some Fla. homebuyers. NAR recently posted legal advice for Realtors who are affected an

Expired listings: Another frustration for South Florida homebuyers

The five-bedroom house on Northwest 63rd Way in Parkland was listed for sale last week on Zillow.

Fla. school ratings decline under new standards

State has 39% fewer "A" schools this year and 167% more "D" schools under stricter testing standards. Buyers shopping for good s

Pending home sales slip slightly in June

That may be good, however. Rising interest rates deterred a few buyers, and an increase in sellers could be the start of a comfo

Family homebuyers optimistic about housing recovery

Survey: More current homeowners are ready to move up. Millennials (adults ages 18-34) have the strongest desire and see it as a

Obama backs 30-year mortgage, more private funding

President wants to wind down gov't-owned Fannie and Freddie with more private money funding mortgages - but only if buyers still

First-time homebuyer workshop scheduled for Saturday

A workshop this weekend will give first-time homebuyers the latest information on how to find a place, qualify for a mortgage an

Broward County home prices rise 28 percent in July

South Florida home prices rose in July as buyers continue to battle frustration in a decidedly seller's market.

Real estate notebook: Luxury home sales soar in summer

South Florida's high-end homebuyers didn't take the summer off.

Inventory crunch easing up for home buyers

More new listings hitting the market as prices increase

Lilian Cruz, a house hunter since January, has been growing wea

Find flood zone and insurance costs online

On FEMA's flood insurance website,, homebuyers can plug in an address to find a home's flood risk level and estim

Investor demand starts to wane

Investors made up 23% of homebuyers in Feb., but only about 20% in June - the lowest level since Sept. 2012. About 48% say they'

FPL customers have new power hookup rules

Buyers closing soon or, if you're a landlord, renters moving in? Florida Power and Light rolled out new and generally easier rul

First-time homebuyer class offered in West Palm Beach

First-time homebuyers can learn about the housing market during a course Saturday (Oct.

Buyers finding fewer affordable homes in South Florida

South Florida homes are still largely affordable, though more properties are slipping out of reach of the region's middle class,

Haunted house? 62% would consider buying one While most buyers say they would consider a supposedly haunted house, far fewer would do so if they actually saw si

Buyers paying above appraised value for their dream homes

Mindset is changing as prices rise, competition heats up

Ryan Williams had been house hunting, off and on, for two yea

Real estate notebook: Homebuyers crave more negotiating power

Sellers still have the advantage, but the gap is closing

Palm Beach County 's housing market still tilts toward seller

House-Senate plan could delay flood ins. increases

Fla. Sen. Nelson announced a bipartisan deal to delay flood insurance rate hikes. It's a ray of hope for buyers and sellers, but

Then and now: A decade of technology in real estate

NAR: Tech has advanced at breakneck speed: 10 years ago, smartphones didn't even exist. Still, only 41% of buyers consider tech

Analysis: For a better deal, buy a pre-1990 home

RealtyTrac: Many buyers fear older homes because they might need expensive repairs, but they can save an average 9% over the cos

Finish with a flourish: Year-end housing tips

Buyers may face less competition during the holiday season

South Florida's 2013 home buying bonanza is slowing down as

Survey shows lingering impact of tight credit

NAR's 2013 Home Buyers and Sellers Survey: Tight mortgage-lending standards blocking some from homeownership, notably singles an

Homebuyers looking for luxuries as market rebounds

Builders are busy again now that the housing market is rebounding.

Top lenders forecast housing market gains

New ability-to-repay rules start in Jan. While tighter lending may hurt marginal buyers and cut down on some mortgage amounts, i

'I bought a house - what can I deduct on my taxes?'

Many buyers know homeownership comes with a tax advantage, but they get lost in the details. Here's a primer.

Condo conversions draw foreign buyers

The slice of Orlando-area commercial real estate that drew the most foreign investment during the third quarter was condominium

FHA finances improve

Annual audit finds a more stable FHA. While agency added some rules and changed fees for buyers seeking a mortgage, audit finds

South Florida home prices rise, but sales soften

South Florida home prices rose in November, though sales slowed as buyers regained more control over the recovering market.

Lenders must follow new appraisal disclosure rules

Starting tomorrow, lenders must offer more info about their loan decision. Buyers will get more time to correct a faulty apprais

NAR: Dec. pending home sales down 8.7%

Higher home prices and interest rates caused many buyers to pause, but an unusually severe winter also impacted Dec.'s number of

Subprime loans are out - 'nonprime' loans are in

Nonprime loans that appeal to high-risk buyers are making a comeback, but lenders retain some stricter rules - like a 30 percent

Target's security problems could impact home sales

Retailers' recent data breaches could hurt home sales if buyers find themselves with damaged credit and lower scores. Also: How

Fannie Mae announces a 'sale' on REO homes

Buyers who submit an initial offer by March 31 and close by May 31 can get up to 3.5% back for closing costs or to pay points th

Valentine's Day note: Buyer's 'love' Fla. homes

At least that's what Realtors tell potential buyers in listings based on the number of times "love" appears. In HomeFinder surve

DBPR: Watch out for unlicensed real estate agents

Secretary says Fla. will continue improving its "standards and regulations," and issued a release reminding buyers and sellers t

'Boomerang' buyers get another chance at homeownership

Just 10 days before Christmas 2009, Ganel Appolon found an envelope taped to his front door.

Flood insurance price break starts today

Buyers of older pre-FIRM properties will receive a premium rate reduction under the new law; and Florida Realtors released a flo

Survey: What would recent homebuyers do differently?

Chase asked 807 buyers to reflect on a recent purchase. In hindsight, 56% wish they'd known more about the financial aspects of

Homebuyers can still find down payment assistance

Help isn't limited to poverty-level incomes, and in most cases, buyers simply don't know where to look. A good start: The Florid

A top reason buyers aren't buying? Fear of rejection

Survey: 46% of potential buyers think they won't qualify for a mortgage, so they don't try; and 43% incorrectly believe it's har

High demand for U.S. real estate in 10 countries

Expect more international buyers who consider the U.S. economically stable and safe for investors, along with bargain real estat

Prediction: 50% of buyers in 2020 will be Hispanic

National Hispanic association report: With 47% of U.S. homeownership growth between 2000 and 2013 Hispanic – "This is a story