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CoreLogic: 767,000 completed foreclosures in 2012

Foreclosures dropped 21% between Dec. 2011 and Dec. 2012, according to CoreLogic. Fla. tops with 10.1% inventory in Dec. but als

Homeownership also the newly American dream

Census Bureau: 51.5% of foreign-born residents own a home in U.S. - 59.5% in Fla. It ranges from 63.4% in Jacksonville to 57.5%

UF: Fla.'s consumer confidence down one point in Jan.

UF: Confidence, however, rose five points for those making less than $30,000, an increase offset by a seven point decline among

Push for Fla. education reform impacts housing

School quality impacts home values. A Florida Realtors group is studying the issue, and Pres. Asher backed Gov. Scott's move tod

Fla.'s housing market continues positive track in Dec. 2012

Home sales up 15.8% year-to-year, prices up 14.1%; condo sales up 8.6%, prices up 26.3%. NAR: Dec. sales slip 1% compared to Nov

Fla. A.G. Bondi: $60M more available for housing

Fund approved by Legislature includes $35 million for downpayment assistance, $10 million for counseling and $5 million to speed

Fla. has money for foreclosed owners but few apply

The window to apply ends tomorrow. Fla. A.G. Bondi's office attempted to contact ex-owners and has now started calling to boost

Fla. has nation's top foreclosure rate in 2012

One in 32 Fla. housing units with a mortgage - 3.11% - received at least one foreclosure notice last year. Second-place Nev. saw

Business identity theft on upswing in Fla.

Florida Realtors joined state leaders for a discussion on business identity theft. Report recommends ways to make it more diffic

What does the typical Fla. buyer, seller look like?

Would a Realtor marketing to first-time buyers get more leads targeting retirees? Find out: Fla. Profile of Home Buyers and Sell

Fla. releases info on state insurance companies

Fla.-owned Citizens Property Ins. tops state with 1.4 million policies - more than the four largest private insurers combined.

Citizens Property Ins. offers new type of coverage

Fla.-owned insurer's new policy is about 21% cheaper, but it covers less and comes with restrictive rules on who qualifies for c

Improving housing market list expands to 242

NAHB: 67% of U.S. markets have improved for at least six months. Fla. has 15 cities on Jan. list, though two dropped off.

No Fla. counties mandate septic tank inspections

Septic inspections became law in 2010; but in 2012, lawmakers gave 19 high-risk counties an opt-out and all took it.

Fla.'s housing market continues upswing in November

Home sales up 24% year-to-year, prices up 11%; condo sales up 18%, prices up 23%. NAR: Sales up about 6%, prices up 10%.

S. Fla. among 20 best markets for buying foreclosures

Despite recent concerns about a shortage of homes for sale, South Florida still ranks among the top 20 markets nationwide in whi

S. Fla. home prices rise amid strong demand, lack of inventory

South Florida home prices increased in January, pushed higher by investors and other buyers trying to outbid each other for a sh

Fiserv: Foreclosures may hurt S. Fla. home prices

Average home prices in Broward and Palm Beach counties could fall through the third quarter of this year before rebounding in 20

A Fla. rarity: Property insurer to cut rates

A force-placed insurer - one a lender "forces" on a homeowner - will cut rates 18.8%, say state officials. It impacts 126,336 po

Fla.'s housing market gained strength, momentum in 2012

Fla. single-family home sales up 8.5% in 2012, but up 21.2% in fourth quarter year-to-year. NAR: 10% fourth quarter price increa

Fla. foreclosures up 12% in Jan., 20% year-to-year

State has six cities in the national top 10, says RealtyTrac. The upside: Foreclosures nationally dropped 7% for the month and 2

Fla.'s housing market continues upswing in Jan. 2013

Existing home sales up 11.7% year-to-year, price up 12.4%; condo sales up 2%, price up 18%. NAR: Sales up 9.1% year-to-year, sin

CoreLogic: Jan. foreclosures mark 15-month decline

Foreclosures down 17.8% year-to-year, up 10.5% month-to-month. Fla. second in number of foreclosures for year (95K) and No. 1 in

NAR: Buyers value storage space, in-law suites

Survey: Buyers in the South, including Fla., predictably prefer A/C. Compared to other areas, many also want a home less than fi

Report includes total HARP refinances by state

Federal home program backed 35% of all Fla. home refinancings since its start in 2009, and 58% of Dec. 2012 refinances. National

Fla. has top foreclosure rate for sixth month

Fla. foreclosure filings rose 6% in Feb. for month and 20% year-to-year for a 16-month high. Of the top 10 metro-areas nationall

Milestone: Fla. unemployment rate now lower than national rate

More jobs mean more home sales, says Florida Realtors research dept. At 7.8%, this month's Fla. unemployment rate hit its lowest

Property near public transportation worth 42% more

Fla. cities are adding new commuter options, and homes close to stations should be worth more. New study compares value to beach

Fla.'s housing market continues positive trends in Feb. 2013

Existing home sales up 10.3% year-to-year, price up 12.8%; condo sales up 7%, price up 21.1%. NAR: Sales up 10.2% year-to-year,

Florida leads U.S. in number of 'zombies' foreclosures

RealtyTrac: Fla. had 90,556 foreclosed homes that were empty in 1Q 2013 - or 39% of the 231,378 houses in Fla. in some stage of

Proposed amendment for 2014 ballot passes hurdle

With 10% of needed signatures on file, Fla. Supreme Court will review wording. Voter approval would earmark 33% of doc stamp tax

Great American Realtor Days kicks off tomorrow

Hundreds of Realtors from across Fla. will converge on Tallahassee for Great American Realtor Days (GARD), which runs through We

Mortgage Fraud Index hits 5-year low

Fla. had a spike in fraud dollar volume in 4Q 2012, however. One quarter earlier, the state wasn't even in the top five. In 4Q,

Canadians play big role in Fla. market rebound

BMO Financial Group report: Fla. already has more than 500,000 Canadians, and 16% of that nation's residents say they would cons

Fla. Insurance Commissioner: Buy flood insurance now

One reason: A policy doesn't become effective for 30 days and hurricane season starts in 45 days. Second reason: Lock rates in n

Fla. ranks No. 6 for taxes paid by small businesses

Small business study: Researchers looked at all taxes imposed by a state and compared total tax burdens. In Fla., small business

Fla. unemployment rate continues to fall

In March, Fla. saw 32,400 new jobs and hit its lowest unemployment rate since 2008. The increase in employment feeds home sales,

Fla. metro construction up 15.3% year-over-year

BidClerk: Building in major Fla. metro areas increased substantially in the first quarter - 0.8% in private construction and 25.

Legislators to haggle over Visit Fla. money

Lawmakers in the Florida House and Senate began final budget negotiations over the weekend, with funds for Visit Florida among m

Fla. adds 400K names to do-not-call list in one year

Realtors need to check both state and federal do-not-call lists. Fla. had 71,460 names on its list last year when people had to

Fla. Realtor NAR 'Volunteering Works' winner

Robert Schwartz with LaRosa Realty in Celebration co-founded program to help 100 kids without permanent housing. He'll receive $

Zillow: S. Fla. home values jump 12 percent in first quarter

South Florida home values rose 12 percent in the first quarter of 2013, but prices likely won’t keep appreciating at that

HUD closing two Fla. field offices

The Orlando and Tampa offices will close as part of a national realignment. Nationwide, HUD will shut down 16 out of 80 offices

CoreLogic: Foreclosure inventory down 23% in March

Completed foreclosures dropped 16% year-to-year and 52% since 2010 peak, though they rose 6% month-to-month. Fla. remains the to

Fla. decides how to spend $200M on housing relief

Fla. received $8.4B in nation's mortgage settlement, and the part controlled by the Legislature could soon be disbursed, pending

S. Fla. falls to third in national foreclosure rankings

South Florida has relinquished its ranking as the nation’s top spot for foreclosures.

Fla. foreclosures up as lenders speed up process

RealtyTrac: Fla. foreclosure auctions up 55% year-to-year in April as homes work through the court system - a step forward in th

Fla.'s housing market shows momentum in 1Q 2013

Existing home sales up 10.2% year-to-year, price up 13.4%; condo sales up 3.2%, price up 18.4%. NAR: Sales up 9.8% year-to-year,

HUD settles Fla. maternity discrimination claim

SunTrust Mortgage and HUD settled a complaint that the lender allegedly denied a mortgage to a Port St. Lucie couple because the

Realtor from Fla. elected NAR first vice president

Tom Salomone, a Realtor from Coral Springs and 2003 Florida Realtors' president, was elected to the 2014 office at NAR's midyear

Fla.'s housing market shows strong gains in April 2013

Existing home sales up 17.4% year-to-year, price up 14.2%; condo sales up 13.6%, price up 16.4%. NAR: Sales up 9.7% year-to-year

Insurance agent accused of inventing clients for commission money

Investigators: Frederick Edward Tanner, 52, scammed AFLAC out of over $15,000

Ray Hamper didn't actually exist, but nei

S. Fla. home prices climb by more than 20 percent

South Florida's housing market is bordering on bedlam.

Fla. consumer confidence hits post-recession high

UF: Consumer attitudes in Fla. haven't been this high since Aug. 2007. Confidence index rises for third month in a row, topping

Florida TaxWatch sees international opportunities

According to analysts, over half Fla.'s current investment comes from Europe, but Latin America offers untapped opportunity. EB-

Realtors tout Fla. real estate investment in Spain

The SIMA 2013 Madrid International Real Estate Exhibition last week drew more than 20,000 people; potential buyers asked about l

72,000 Floridians to get $1,480 check this month

Fla. Attorney General Pam Bondi said the money is foreclosed-upon ex-homeowners' share of the $25 billion national mortgage sett

Wells Fargo settles complaint on foreclosed homes

Six Fla. cities will see part of a $39 million agreement. HUD alleges that Wells Fargo unfairly neglected REO homes located in m

HUD and VA provide homes to 915 homeless Fla. vets

Program provides $60 million nationwide, with about 10% of it slated for Fla. veterans served by 17 agencies throughout the stat

Fla. loses status of top state for mortgage fraud

Index bumps Fla. to second place while Calif. moves up in 1Q 2013. Nationwide, however, the index of mortgage fraud moved a bit

Over 12,000 Fla. corporations may have paid fake fee

New scam? Fla. A.G. Bondi sues, alleging that Fla. Center of Corporations sent official looking docs to corporations demanding a

U.S. vets have easier license requirements in Fla.

Hire a vet: They have an easier time obtaining a real estate license in Fla. DBPR Secretary Ken Lawson outlines state's military

HUD awards $471K in Fla. housing counseling grants

Money going to 28 local counseling agencies in Florida. Last year, two HUD studies found counseling improved the likelihood that

Fla.'s housing market continues momentum in May 2013

Existing home sales up 18.7% year-to-year, price up 15.9%; condo sales up 11.5%, price up 13%. NAR: Single-family sales up 12.7%

Fla. home to 1/3 of all vacant U.S. foreclosures

RealtyTrac: Fla. had 55,503 of the nation's 168K empty properties in foreclosure but not yet bank owned. Second-place Ill. logge

Marketing to baby boomers? Sell low taxes

Retiring baby boomers may like Fla.'s sunshine, beaches and warm weather - but the big draw is low taxes, and some high-tax stat

Websites linked to increase in moving scams

A move exclusively within Fla. has fairly strong legal protections, but that's not true for some fly-by-night interstate movers

Case-Shiller index: S. Fla. home prices increase again

Home prices continue to rise in South Florida and across the country, a new report shows.

New law allows longer homestead rentals in Fla.

Homeowners now have more flexibility to rent out their home for short periods. A law effective today defines how long and how of

Fla. 'pocket listings' legal, but avoid problems

It's OK to withhold a listing from the MLS, but it's tricky. Sellers must understand the potential problems, and it could be que

New rules boost homeowner association regulations

A new law requires all Fla. homeowner associations to register with the state by Nov. 22, 2013. It also limits some actions of t

All Fla. public notices will now appear online

Businesses that stay current on zoning changes, special assessments and more will have an easier time doing so - a new law says

National group advocates for short-term rentals

So far, Fla. has two local chapters of the advocacy group. Its goal: Share information, establish best practices and advance sma

Fla. home to 7 of top 15 retirement investments

RealtyTrac: "These popular retirement cities will very likely be an area of growth." In each, at least 1/3 of the population is

CoreLogic: Foreclosure inventory down 27% for year

Fla. still leads the pack, however, in highest number of completed foreclosures for the year (103,000) and highest foreclosure i

Foreclosures down 14% in June, lowest in 6.5 years

RealtyTrac: Fla. foreclosure starts down 26% in June, but number of scheduled auctions increased 100%. State still leads the nat

NAR creates flood insurance disclosure

Rising flood insurance costs will impact some Fla. homebuyers. NAR recently posted legal advice for Realtors who are affected an

Fla. construction up 39.8% in major-metro markets

BidClerk: Private activity rose 5.4% year-to-year while public activity rose 66.7% in 2Q 2013. Total value of all projects: $4,1

Home flipping up 19% in first half of 2013

RealtyTrac: About 18,000 homes flipped in Fla. - almost one out of seven nationwide. Daytona Beach is nation's top city for flip

June's national home sales slip, but above year ago

NAR: Total existing sales down 1.2% from May, up 15.2% from year ago. Median price up 13.5% over year ago. Fla.'s housing data d

Fla.'s housing market trending up in June 2013

Single-family home sales rose 8.6% year-to-year while prices rose 15.1%. Condo-townhome sales fell slightly by 2.5%, but prices

In U.S. cash sales down, short sales up

RealtyTrac's first residential report: In Fla., 57% of June's sales were for cash; short sales made up 29% of all sales, and inv

Fla. school ratings decline under new standards

State has 39% fewer "A" schools this year and 167% more "D" schools under stricter testing standards. Buyers shopping for good s

Case-Shiller index: S. Fla. home prices rise again

An index measuring South Florida home prices rose in May for a 17th consecutive month.

CoreLogic: 55,000 completed foreclosures in June

Homes in pre-foreclosure dropped 28% for year, though Fla. retains dubious status: No. 1 for completed foreclosures and No. 1 fo

Home prices to stabilize or fall in 6 Fla. cities

CoreLogic Case-Shiller: In 1Q, home prices in six Fla. cities rose 9.5% to 14.6%. Study predicts stability by 2014, with a sligh

Mortgage closing costs up 6% over past year study: Fla. closing costs increased year-to-year more than most states. A $160K mortgage costs $2,517. Only eight o

CoreLogic: June home prices up 11.9% year over year

In Fla., price index rose 11% year-to-year and 1.9% month-to-month. It's the nation's sixteenth consecutive monthly increase in

Fla.'s housing market continues positive trends in 2Q 2013

2Q existing home sales up 14.7% year-to-year, price up 14.1%; condos up 7.9%, price up 16.7%. NAR: Sales up 12.3% year-to-year,

HUD awards Fla. $47.5M to improve public housing

HUD's Capital Fund Program provides funding annually to public housing authorities to build, repair, renovate and modernize publ

Real estate notebook: S. Fla. home sales, prices rise in 2nd quarter

Housing markets in South Florida and across the state enjoyed a robust second quarter.

July month-to-month foreclosure activity up 2%

It's the first month-to-month increase in over six years. Nine of the nation's 10 highest metro foreclosure rates were in Fla.,

New maps shows which S. Fla. neighborhoods have the best schools

House hunters who want to know what neighborhoods have the best schools can check out new maps for Broward and Palm Beach counti

Sinkholes: An overview from Fla. DEP

The sight of a condo resort sinking near Disney World prompts a could-this-happen-to-me fear. In response, Fla. issues a QandA a

Zillow: S. Fla. home values jump in July

A home value index for Broward County hit $155,900 in July, a 16 percent increase from a year ago, real estate website Zillow.

NAR: Existing-home sales spike in July

NAR: Total existing sales up 6.5% month-to-month and 17.2% year-to-year, with a 13.7% price increase. Fla. housing data delayed

Fla.'s housing market continues positive track in July 2013

Statewide single-family home sales rose 20.9% year-to-year while median price rose 18.7%. Condo-townhome sales increased 16.8%;

REMI: Housing rebound contributes 500K new jobs

Analysis: The year-over-year rise in single-family home construction added 54,000 jobs in Fla. overall, with 28,100 of those in

Case-Shiller: S. Fla. home prices increase 14.8 percent in June

South Florida home prices rose in June for the 18th consecutive month, according to a national index released Tuesday.

Fla. Realtor finalist for NAR Good Neighbor Award

NAR recognized 10 Realtors as award finalists. One potential winner - Kenneth W. Davis with Welcome Home Realty in Boca Raton -

Fla.: Temporary injunction in mortgage relief scam

Attorney General Bondi: Broward-based firms charged up-front fees and falsely guaranteed that defendants would have their home e

CoreLogic: 49,000 completed foreclosures in July

Foreclosure inventory down 32% year-to-year, though Fla. continues its reign as having more homes in its foreclosure inventory t

Two S. Fla. companies sign up to take over Citizens policies

Two South Florida companies have won approval from state regulators to take up to 56,000 policies from Citizens Property Insuran

More homeowners have enough equity to sell

RealtyTrac: 8.3 million U.S. homeowners can soon sell their home without resorting to a short sale. Fla. No. 3 for percent of mo

Study: Vacation rental performance remains strong

HomeAway Inc. says investors who rent vacation homes had a 77% occupancy rate and 19% year-to-year weekly rental increase. Fla.

CoreLogic: 2.5M more U.S. homeowners not underwater

Fla. ranked second for number of homes underwater - 31.5% of those with a mortgage - compared to 14.5% of all U.S. homes. But it

Fla. still tops for mortgage fraud - but improving

LexisNexis report: In originations just in 2012, however, Fla. ranks No. 4 for fraud - an improvement from its No. 1 status in 2

Rising interest rates could impact Fla. real estate

UF 2Q survey: Fla. experts remain optimistic, but their rosy outlook waned a bit over fear that higher interest rates will slow

Fla. foreclosure starts down 65% year-to-year

RealtyTrac Aug. report: Overall, Fla. foreclosures down 43%. Nationally, foreclosure starts - a first notice sent to homeowners

Sadowski Coalition honors best in workforce housing

A doc stamp tax on real estate sales promotes workforce housing in Fla., and an award ceremony yesterday focused on the state's

As a good state for business, Fla. ranks pretty high

Area Development Mag ranked state No. 1 for "renewed consideration post-recession." Fla. also ranked high in five other categori

Fla. CFO rolls out healthcare webpage for small biz

Brokers: CFO Atwater unveiled small business QandA webpage, scheduled webinars and offered a warning: Watch out for health insur

Trulia: Buying S. Fla. home is cheaper than renting

It’s still much cheaper to buy a home than rent, despite rising prices and mortgage rates, a new report shows.

Lawmakers file 2014 bill to reduce Fla. lease tax

Similar House and Senate bills submitted this week would reduce commercial lease tax by 1% - a change also pushed by Florida Rea

Fla.'s housing market continued upswing in Aug. 2013

Closed sales (12.5%), median prices (18.6%) and pending sales (17.2%) rose for single-family homes. National sales highest in 6

Florida Realtors to Fla. Cabinet: Flood insurance reform could hurt economy

Gov. Scott invited Florida Realtors Pres. Dean Asher to speak today before the Fla. Cabinet, and Asher urged them to help delay

'Outside the box' solutions for flood ins. increases?

The fight against onerous flood premium increases on Oct. 1 is being fought on two fronts: A delay by Congress and a look at Fla

45% of U.S. sales in August were cash purchases

RealtyTrac: Of five top large cities for all-cash purchases, three are in Fla.: Miami (69% were cash), Tampa (64%) and Jacksonvi

Fla. gets $2.9M to fight housing discrimination

Six agencies in Fla. will receive $2.9 million to identify and fight housing discrimination under the Fair Housing Act.

Study: International sales important to Florida

For the year ending July 2013, international real estate deals made up 8% of all Fla. existing homes sales and had a total value

Fla. Realtor wins NAR Good Neighbor Award

Kenneth W. Davis from Welcome Home Realty in Boca Raton to receive $10,000 for his work with the Rotary Club and children's char

Fla. has lots of REOs, but they're not for sale

RealtyTrac: More than half of Fla.'s bank-owned homes aren't for sale and remain "home" to the ex-owners. In Miami, they live in

CoreLogic: U.S. foreclosure inventory down 33%

Fla. had nation's highest number of completed foreclosures in Aug. 2013 (111,000) and highest number in the foreclosure process

S. Fla. counties driving mortgage relief numbers

Broward and Palm Beach counties, two of the most heavily populated areas in Florida, also rank among the county leaders for appl

RealtyTrac: S. Fla. foreclosures fall in September

Residential foreclosures declined in South Florida in September, but inched up in the third-quarter, according to RealtyTrac Inc

FREC announces college scholarships

Fla. students pursuing a real estate career can apply for $1,500 to $2,500 in scholarship money from the Florida Real Estate Com

Fla. applications for new homes rose in Sept.

Mortgage Bankers: Month-to-month applications for new homes rose 1.6% in Fla.; year-to-year, they rose 10.7%. Nationally, applic

Keep up with Fla. insurance changes on Facebook

Thanks to a new Fla. Office of Insurance Regulation Facebook page, you can keep up with official state insurance updates by chec

Home flipping down 13%, but high-end flipping up 34%

RealtyTrac: Some hot cities for home flips, including Tampa and Orlando, saw a drop in 2013's third quarter. Overall, Fla. secon

Fla. conducting more random broker escrow audits

In DBPR's latest update, Sec. Lawson says he's reinstituted random audits of real estate offices to "identify potential fraud an

House-Senate plan could delay flood ins. increases

Fla. Sen. Nelson announced a bipartisan deal to delay flood insurance rate hikes. It's a ray of hope for buyers and sellers, but

CoreLogic: 51,000 completed foreclosures in Sept.

U.S. homes facing foreclosure dropped 33% year-to-year, but Fla. in top spot for percent of homes in the process (7.4%) and tota

Fla.'s housing market continues upswing in 3Q 2013

Closed sales (17.3%), median price (18.6%) rose for single-family homes; condo sales up (11.3%), price (23.8%). National single-

S. Fla. housing market stays hot in third quarter

South Florida saw steady increases in home prices and sales during the third quarter, local Realtor boards said Wednesday.

Office Building in Ponte Vedra Lakes Sells for $3.6M

Asutosh Hotels sold the property at 220 Ponte Vedra Park Dr. in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. to a private investor for $3.6 million,

Jacksonville's Park View Place Sells for $2.2M

Mandarin Collision Center acquired Park View Place at 6226 Barnes Rd. S. in Jacksonville, Fla. from The Dore Group for $2.2 mill

U.S. Treasury to host short sale seminar/webinar

Free two-hour event for agents and brokers takes place in S. Fla. on Nov. 22, but webinar access will allow Realtors throughout

Redfin: S. Fla. home sellers cut asking prices in October

More Palm Beach County home sellers are lowering their asking prices, another indication that the housing market has softened, a

QR Capital Sells 186-Unit Multifamily Complex in Jacksonville

QR Capital sold a multifamily complex in Jacksonville, Fla. to Pacifica Cos. for $6.6 million, or approximately $35,000 per unit

Fla. modifies informal wetland determination fee

Development by a property owner can be difficult if the parcel contains a wetland. Fla. offers an informal survey, but it modifi

Realtors to Congress: Hit the pause button on changes to flood program

Realtor Call for Action: NFIP program changes derail home sales and harm Fla. owners. Take two minutes today to tell Congress it

Fla.'s housing market continues on positive track in Oct.

Closed sales (6.5%), median price (16.6%) and pending sales (3.4%) rose for single-family homes. National total sales up 6% year

TaxWatch study: How does flood ins. impact Fla.?

Floridians paid $3.60 in flood premiums for every $1 that came back to cover damages. Overall, 13% of state flood policies could

Help delay changes to national flood program

Realtor Call for Action: NFIP program changes derail home sales and harm Fla. owners. Take a few minutes to tell Congress it mus

Fla.'s consumer confidence bounces back in Nov.

In contrast to national outlook, Floridians are feeling more optimistic: UF's index rose 6 points - and many think it's a good t

Conforming loan limits unchanged in 2014

FHFA announced yesterday that Fannie and Freddie's $417,000 conforming loan limit in most Fla. areas would remain the same throu

Foreclosures down - but not for high-end homes

RealtyTrac: Foreclosure activity on homes valued at $5 million-plus is up 61% compared to 2012, with South Fla. and Orlando two

'Tis the season for economic real estate predictions

According to Zillow, home values will rise 3% in 2014, mortgages will be easier to get, mortgage rates will hit 5%, and two Fla.

Fla. officially has 12.7K homeowners associations

A new law requiring HOAs to register with the state by Nov. 22 found 12,721 associations representing about 2.5 million parcels.

Economists: Fla.'s housing sector will grow in 2014, but at slower pace

Florida Realtors held its annual economic summit yesterday. Chief Economist predicts 10% residential growth and the modest comme

It's (almost) official - foreclosure crisis is over

RealtyTrac: The number of Fla. owners entering the foreclosure process dropped 46% year-to-year; national numbers down 32% to lo

CoreLogic: 791K homes get positive equity in 3Q

Fla. No. 2 after Nevada, however, with 28.8% of mortgaged homes still in negative equity. By metros, Orlando (32.3%) and Tampa (

Fla.'s housing market reflects changing conditions in Nov. 2013

Median price up (13.3%, single-family; 17.2%, condos), but drop in cash-only and short sales impacts closed sales. National over

TD Economics: Fla. about to shift into high gear

Forecast: After a six-year lag, economic expansion will help Fla. reclaim its place as a national outperformer, beating U.S. num

RealtyTrac: All-cash sales hit new high in Nov.

Fla. led the nation in Nov.: 62.7% of all sales were cash; nationally, it was 42%. Jacksonville and Cape Coral-Fort Myers hot fo

Fla. will gain about 175,000 new jobs in 2014

Pew Charitable Trusts forecast: Fla. expected to be No. 5 state nationally in employment growth percentage, expanding jobs by 2.

RealtyTrac: 34% of Fla. homes 'deeply underwater'

19% of U.S. owners with a mortgage are 'deeply underwater.' Fla. ranks second to Nev., with city-by-city comparison putting Orla

Is bigger better when securing property insurance?

Fla.-owned Citizens retained its lead as the state's largest property insurer in latest "top 20" numbers released by the Fla. De

New crime scheme steals a buyer's home deposit

Some criminals have figured out a way to hack Realtors' email accounts, study sale updates and then redirect the deposit. Fla. h

RealtyTrac: Homes in foreclosure drop 26% in 2013

But Fla. still tops with 25% of all U.S. homes in the foreclosure process, and 3.01% of Fla. mortgaged homes in foreclosure. Ave

RealtyTrac: distressed sales 16% of 2013 U.S. sales

In Dec., Fla. ranked No. 2 in the number of short sales (14.4% of all transactions) but wasn't even in the top five for REOs - a

Fla. home sale prices up 11.4% year-to-year in Dec.

Single-family sales up 8.6% compared to Dec. 2012 as market saw 23.3% increase in traditional single-family deals. NAR: Prices,

Gov. Scott's budget boosts Fla. Div. of Real Estate

In addition to reducing the commercial lease tax, the governor's budget adds staff to identify license violations. Fla. previous

Tight inventory? U.S. still has lots of vacant homes

2.1% U.S. family homes were vacant in 2013's fourth quarter. In Fla., 2.4% were vacant, ranging from 4.1% in Orlando to 0.7% in

NAHB: Housing recovery threatened by flat wages

"A significant amount of pent-up housing demand exists, but for it to be unlocked more rapidly, additional gains in wages must b

Fla.'s housing market gained momentum, strength in 2013

Single-family sales up 11.8%, condo sales up 5.1% and single-family median price up 15.9% year-to-year. NAR: Solid price growth

Fla. had nation's top foreclosure rate in Jan.

RealtyTrac: One in every 346 Fla. homes faced foreclosure - but fewer owners received first notices (down 33% year-to-year) as n

Valentine's Day note: Buyer's 'love' Fla. homes

At least that's what Realtors tell potential buyers in listings based on the number of times "love" appears. In HomeFinder surve

Most Fla. real estate brokers expect higher profits

Latest Fla. "Profile of Real Estate Firms" finds 70% expecting higher profits over next two years, 46% recruiting agents and 72%

DBPR: Watch out for unlicensed real estate agents

Secretary says Fla. will continue improving its "standards and regulations," and issued a release reminding buyers and sellers t

Fla.'s housing market continues positive trends in Jan. 2014

Single-family sales up 10.2%, condo sales up 9.3% year-over-year; single-family median prices up 12.1%, condo prices up 17%. NAR

Study confirms that toxic drywall impacts health

CDC's final report finds Fla. homeowners with the drywall had nosebleeds, headaches and breathing problems – and the drywall's

Floridians' confidence in economy stays fairly flat

UF: Confidence fell one point this month. "Economy remains on a steady path without any big changes either negative or positive,

Fla. policyholders less likely to get stuck by a Citizens loss

The state-owned insurer bought more reinsurance. For homeowners with private insurance policies, that means their surcharge risk

TaxWatch: Fla. home construction = growing economy

Report: A boost in home construction shows that Fla. is actively rebounding from the Great Recession. Indirect benefits include

March year-to-year sales up 1% in Fla., prices up 11%

RealtyTrac: Sales also rose 1% month-to-month, but sale prices declined slightly: 2%. Also, price increases have slowed in some

645,000 phone numbers now on Fla. Do-Not-Call list

Two years ago, it became free to add a phone number to the state's do-not-call list. As a result, the list has expanded by 545,0

Fla.'s housing market shows rising prices in March

Single-family home median prices up 7.1% year-over-year, condo prices up 16.7%; single-family sales up 2.8%. NAR: Sales remain s

Fla. to insurers: No deductible for crime damage

If a crime causes damage to a home, the owner doesn't have to pay a property insurance deductible under a 1994 Fla. law – but

Number of homes seriously underwater at two-year low

Fla. ranks second (31%) behind Nevada (34%) for high-negative-equity homes. Of those in foreclosure, 59% are seriously underwate

Fla. issues memo to businesses: Taxes are lower here

Enterprise Florida used tax day, April 15, to give out-of-state businesses a list of low-tax reasons they should consider reloca

Most force-placed insurance following new rules

Change now impacts more than 90% of Fla. policies forced on homeowners by lenders. Fla. review found many practices hurt state's

HUD renews support for 7,100 local homeless programs

In Fla., about 300 local homeless programs that provide housing and support services to homeless families will receive almost $7

RealtyTrac: Fla. still No. 1 in foreclosure rates

One in every 407 Fla. homes with a mortgage is in some stage of foreclosure, and eight Fla. cities (200,000-plus population) are

Fla. recreational, ranchland transactions down, prices up

2014 "Lay of the Land" report: Closed sales for Fla. rec and ranchlands down 50% over the past year, but the year-over-year medi

U.S. foreclosure inventory down 35% year-to-year

CoreLogic: Fla. had 118,000 completed foreclosures for the month – 136% more than second-place Mich.; as a percentage, its for

NAR's 30 under 30 class of 2014

One Fla. Realtor, Juan Carlos German with the Carlos German and Team Inc. in Kissimmee, made NAR's annual list of up-and-coming

Freddie Mac: Fla. most-improved state in past year

It's also the most-improved state month-to-month in January. Miami, Orlando and Tampa are cited in the index's top-five for impr