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Obama eyes housing in State of the Union speech

Housing advocates noted some pro-housing comments, such as an easing of mortgage rules that make it hard for creditworthy borrow

Obama budget proposal: What would impact housing?

The president issued his outline of budget priorities to Congress. It includes a limit to itemized deductions, including a cap o

How does the health insurance law impact you?

The Obama Administration unveiled a new educational website. Employers plug in a few details, and company-specific questions app

Obama backs 30-year mortgage, more private funding

President wants to wind down gov't-owned Fannie and Freddie with more private money funding mortgages - but only if buyers still

NAR: Obama's on the right track

President's goals jibe with NAR's goals, association said in a statement: mortgage interest deduction, family foreclosure help,

Farm bill extends rural housing loans

Pres. Obama is expected to sign a farm bill passed by Congress that extends a low-downpayment, low interest loan program used by