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Many improving their bad credit as economy improves

Melvin Montesino endured the full brunt of the Great Recession: A lost job, then foreclosure and even bankruptcy.

NAR: Commercial investors eager to 'turn the page'

New annual report finds investors frustrated by uncertainty and a sluggish economy. They see current market as the "new normal"

Kiplinger: Housing recovery firmly underway

It's "hard to call the bottom," but Kiplinger expects housing to help carry economy with "pretty solid growth." And no national

National consumer confidence index declines in March

National consumer confidence index declines in MarchThe recent sequester created uncertainty about the economy, which impacted A

S. Florida's housing woes make us one of the most distressed metro areas

Housing continues to drag down the local economy, pushing South Florida to becoming the fourth-most financially distressed metro

NAR: Housing and economic forecast solidifying

Growth in home sales and prices is helping to strengthen the economy; but easing credit restrictions and keeping the mortgage in

Immigration reform worth $500B to housing economy

Hispanic real estate assoc. study: In five years, 3 million homeowners would add more than $500 billion in sales, income and spe

U.S. consumer confidence hits five-year high

Increased confidence among Americans reflects a solid economy - but it also fuels an even stronger rebound as people relax and s

Fannie Mae: Economic growth on the road to 'normal'

The housing market is pushing the economy forward, but steady economic growth is still a way off, according to the mortgage gian

UF: Floridians' confidence keeps growing

For the fourth month in a row, more Floridians surveyed by UF had an upbeat attitude about the current economy and what will hap

Fannie Mae report: Economy picks up steam

Housing, consumer spending and manufacturing pave the way, with even better times ahead. One wildcard, however: Any Fed changes

Floridians' confidence in economy unchanged in Aug.

UF: State consumers think their personal finances have taken a slight hit over the past year, but they expect a much better outl

Florida Realtors to Fla. Cabinet: Flood insurance reform could hurt economy

Gov. Scott invited Florida Realtors Pres. Dean Asher to speak today before the Fla. Cabinet, and Asher urged them to help delay

Hit pause button on law to protect Florida's economy

Editorial: Florida Realtors' President Dean Asher tells Orlando Sentinel readers why U.S. should delay new flood insurance rules

National consumer confidence declines again in Nov.

Consumers currently have mixed feelings: They're more positive about jobs but more anxious about the economy. The index edged do

The economy has been set free (for now)

Fannie Mae: Why do things look rosier? Economic uncertainty is gone, at least temporarily, with higher stocks, more jobs and str

Fitch Ratings paints rosy picture of 2014 economy

Single-family starts to improve 20%; multifamily volume up 9%; new home sales to advance 20%; existing homes up 2%; new home pri

UF: Floridians more confident about economy

Floridians are happier thanks to a stable housing and stock market, less European economy angst and a pause in Congressional bud

Floridians value water but not ready to conserve

UF survey: Interest in water ranked third in a list of public issues behind the economy and healthcare, and ahead of taxes and p

Floridians' confidence in economy stays fairly flat

UF: Confidence fell one point this month. "Economy remains on a steady path without any big changes either negative or positive,

TaxWatch: Fla. home construction = growing economy

Report: A boost in home construction shows that Fla. is actively rebounding from the Great Recession. Indirect benefits include

Stronger home sales should follow a tepid spring

Fitch Ratings: Despite a slow spring home selling season, the economy should continue to improve throughout 2014 thanks to job a