Arts and Crafts-style Home in Westchester

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I … Roo Roo Roo Roo Lin’s when the team had been looking to the New York City for some time but it was the fear of another attack after September eleven that spurred them to move to a property they own in the town of Chapel … Ms Hurley said she loved the eighty acre property she and husband purchased with the existing seventy style ranch house unless something to be desired too … so in two thousand won … the couple and it took a three year renovation of the home … leaving only the foundations and three stone fireplace intact … the new home was inspired by the American arts and crafts movement … Mr Rowley said she really likes the simplicity of the design combined with a fine materials … the series comprises hand applied cycle from Italy and is topped with a cedar shingle roof … inside the more than six thousand square foot home features Brazilian cherry wood floors and various kinds of imported stone finishes … the couple first at home with centuries old family heirlooms an antiques … the home was listed for four point nine million dollars into thousandeight … but is now selling for three point eight million … an additional thirteen acres with a private lake may be purchased separately for three hundred and fifty thousand dollars the region said … for The Wall Street Journal this is Stefanos Chen …


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