DocuSign Unveils ‘Lead to Close Strategy’ for Real Estate

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On the heels of its recent announcement that it is doubling down in real estate, DocuSign, the global leader in eSignature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM), today announced its ‘lead to close’ strategy.

Anchored in new partnerships with Realtors Property Resource (RPR) data and analytics platform and Lantrax’s Profit Power enterprise resource planning solution, the strategy aims to make real estate transactions completely digital, from the moment a lead is generated to the moment the deed is recorded. These new partnerships – which see tight integration with DocuSign Transaction Rooms for Real Estate – expand brokers’ and agents’ ability to connect data from 100 million property listings to a completed transaction in an industry-leading accounting system.

In practical terms, the integration with RPR means that agents or coordinators no longer have to re-type property information manually, thereby increasing accuracy, speed and overall efficiency so real estate professionals can focus more attention on their clients. And the integration with Lantrax’s Profit Power ERP is also based on data transfer, ensuring that all details of a property sale are pushed directly from DocuSign’s Transaction Room into Profit Power – once again, no re-keying or re-typing of data – all through a completely paperless process.

“The real estate business is about trust and relationships – and by leveraging our core tenets of choice, trust, and speed, digital transformation is streamlined as brokers and agents are put at the center of the transaction,” says Keith Krach, chairman and CEO of DocuSign.

These new strategic integrations take DocuSign’s ‘lead to close’ strategy to the next level, giving real estate professionals more choice in how they manage their transactions. And by taking transactions digital, DocuSign helps agents, their clients and their business partners take days or weeks off the time for the experience.

In addition, agents will no longer need to re-key data or chase paper and deadlines. They can securely track their data from lead to close, and they will gain new and unique business insights, from tracking profit per lead to measuring how fast their business partners respond to clients.

Brokers and agents trust DocuSign with millions of real estate transactions processed through the DocuSign Transaction Rooms for Real Estate solution. This real estate-specific offering allows brokers, agents, buyers, sellers and all other parties to collaborate on a real estate transaction in a secure, online room, including electronically signing documents. By integrating with property data, CRM, accounting, loan-origination and title companies, DocuSign’s Transaction Rooms for Real Estate – itself built on the xDTM Standard – allows industry professionals to retain ownership, control and compliance of their data.

“As the network for North America’s elite real estate firms, our brokers, agents and their clients expect the absolute best experience for managing and closing real estate transactions,” saysCraig Cheatham, president and CEO, The Realty Alliance. “Many of our members have standardized on DocuSign for eSignature and Digital Transaction Management to deliver the best experience in real estate so that our brokers and agents have complete control over the transaction and their clients’ data, total visibility at every step of the process, and industry-leading ease of use to close deals whenever, wherever convenient.”

Key to the ‘lead to close’ strategy is giving brokers and agents choice. For example, DocuSign provides an integration into the Accenture Mortgage Cadence platform, one of the largest loan origination systems. And with single sign-on connections to RE/MAX Integra’s LaunchPad andRealogy’s Zapstore, tens of thousands of agents and brokers have one-click access to their DocuSign accounts from within the systems they use every day. Many brokers are already using DocuSign’s integration with the accounting package from LoneWolf Real Estate Technologies. And DocuSign’s strategy is to provide an open and secure API to give agents and brokers maximum flexibility and choice.

Bringing RPR into the DocuSign Partner Program allows brokers and agents to automatically create a transaction room pre-populated with key property details – a key benefit.

“We are pleased to bring additional value to RPR users with the integration between our property data and analytics platform and the global standard for eSignature and Digital Transaction Management, DocuSign,” says Dale Ross, CEO of RPR. “This new integration with DocuSign will save brokers time and money in managing transactions so they can use less paper and focus on what matters most – serving their clients.”

By connecting transaction data to a brokers’ financial performance, the integration of DocuSign and Profit Power gives brokers greater insight into their business performance.

“The most successful real estate companies today are using DocuSign to close deals faster and Profit Power to manage their back office,” says Aaron Taylor, President of LanTrax, Inc. “The integration between DocuSign and Profit Power will help real estate companies further streamline processes to improve efficiency, their customer experience and overall profitability.”

With more than 2.5 million real estate transactions completed via DocuSign annually, they continue to lead the industry in delivering unprecedented time savings and value to brokers and agents everywhere as the open, trusted transaction platform of choice. “DocuSign continues to advance the industry towards streamlined, connected systems that empower brokers and agents to manage transactions from anywhere, anytime, on any device with the convenience and speed of never having to enter data twice,” says Georg Gerstenfeld, general manager: Global Real Estate Solutions, DocuSign.

All DocuSign Partner Program integrations are included in the subscription price for DocuSign Transaction Rooms for Real Estate, Broker Edition at no additional charge to brokers.

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