Don’t Miss Out: Recent Grads Bring Big Potential

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Graduation season has come to an end and the celebrations have settled. While some recent college grads have already lined up their post-graduation jobs, there are many competent, educated millennials who are still in the process of looking. These graduates are motivated, driven and independent – three traits perfect for the fast-paced real estate industry.

Brokerages can benefit from recruiting and retaining these newly minted professionals. They are curious and have a sense of adventure, and likely quite “green” when it comes to the inner workings of real estate since most colleges don’t have specific courses on it. This creates the perfect opportunity for brokers to capitalize on, to shape these eager millennials into strong members of the team.

But this opportunity is a two-way street. Brokers and agents can learn from the newbies, too. They are digital natives and not afraid to take chances when it comes to learning new programs or technologies. Take advantage of this inherent skill and invite them to host trainings. This will show them you know their value – important for retaining them – and provide other agents with an internal training system.

Not only are millennials the future of our industry, they’re also the future of homebuyers for the coming decade, at least. Having these young professionals on your team will attract their peers and open up your business to the fastest growing segment of buyers. They can relate to each other’s needs and desires, and naturally communicate in ways that are most effective. While most everyone in the industry is adapting their communication methods accordingly as well, these new professionals can jump in feet first, without hesitation.

Above all, recent grads have just dedicated significant time, money and resources to finishing their educations successfully, so they’re driven to hit the ground running in the working world. It is up to us as real estate professionals to invest in their potential, help them grow through training and mentorship, and capitalize upon their knowledge to help the real estate industry continue to evolve and thrive.

Sue Yannaccone is the President and CEO for ERA Real Estate.

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