Elsa Nelson: Local Icon, Global Presence

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Elsa_NelsonIt was 28 years ago that noted real estate veteran Elsa Nelson made the decision to assemble the best team of real estate agents she could find, co-founding Nelson Shelton and Associates in Beverly Hills, Calif. Earlier this year, the firm affiliated with ERA to become Nelson Shelton Real Estate ERA Powered.

“Our philosophy has always been to treat our agents as our clients and not as employees or a conduit for the business, and all of our business reflects that philosophy,” says Nelson. “We have been committed to providing agents the tools and services they need to best serve their clients, and that is the reason our average agent has been with us for 12 years—we have a very experienced team.”

The firm holds a different workshop every Wednesday for its agents geared toward what’s going on in the marketplace, including changes and new ideas that have come to fruition.

“On top of that, we offer a series of webinars so they can follow up at home,” says Nelson. “Plus, with our new ERA affiliation, we’re able to offer agents new technology, and we’re excited to be on the forefront of Zap (a new, integrated solution connecting consumers), to give our agents something else that no one in our market can provide.”

Nelson’s daughter Victoria Aguilar is now a big part of the management team, working with her mother to ensure the firm stays among the best in the nation. Today, the firm has more than 300 agents and is the largest independent real estate company on the Los Angeles Westside.

“Real estate is in my blood,” says Aguilar. “While I was getting my master’s, my mother invited me to work part-time, and it was kind of a natural evolution for me. I had grown up listening to both my parents talk real estate, so it became a natural fit for me.”

Being in the heart of Beverly Hills, Nelson and her team have their pulse on what’s going on in the luxury area and surrounding communities. While there’s a shortage of inventory heading into the summer months, the firm is continuing to grow.

“We are a local icon, and our affiliation with ERA is an added bonus to what we’ve already established,” says Aguilar. “They’ve given us the opportunity to stay who we are, but add the technology and global network they developed.”

Nelson notes that baby boomers are not moving as traditionally as they used to, adding to the inventory decrease. That means when a listing goes out, it will most likely get multiple offers.

“Recruitment remains our biggest opportunity for growth,” says Aguilar. “ERA is a big value-add for us. We are able to recruit and expand, move into different areas and maybe even different counties.”

Looking ahead, the firm plans to target the younger generation, seeking fresh, new agents who are excited about the technology that’s available to help their real estate business grow.

Vitals: Nelson Shelton Real Estate
ERA Powered
Years in business:
Size: 1 regional headquarters with 300 agents
Average tenure of agents: 10 – 15 years
Number of countries served: 7+
Region served: Beverly Hills and surrounding markets (downtown LA to Malibu)

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