Facebook Live the Latest Trend to Infiltrate the Open House Scene

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Drumming up interest in an open house may be about as fun as watching paint dry, but getting people through the front door is a (huge) step in the right direction when it comes to getting your latest listing sold. And with the tools and technology available today, connecting with prospective buyers near and far is easier than ever—provided your willingness to explore new avenues that might not be on everyone’s radar.

For real estate agent Zac McHardy—hailing out of Australia—showing potential buyers through a house via Facebook Live has not only amped up local interest in the home located at 188 Newman Road, Geebung, Queensland, it has also set him on a path of viral fame.

McHardy notes that his experiment of showcasing an open house and Q&A session via Facebook Live was nothing short of a success. In fact, 25 people showed up for the actual open house, in addition to 44 others who watched the live video throughout the 25 minutes.

“We’ve used Skype many times to sell,” McHardy told the Domain Reporter. “Now you’ve got Facebook Live and it’s a little more accountable as they can see how many people are watching the video—and the owners can watch as well.”

While the idea to use Facebook Live was suggested by a friend only three days ahead of the actual event, McHardy explains that there are certain things that need to be tweaked, but most importantly, future live streams are on the horizon for the Raine and Horne Chermside agent.

“I didn’t expect it was going to happen,” added McHardy, who now has five offers on the property—one from the live video.

Check out McHardy’s video here or visit his Facebook page to see more of how he’s using Facebook Live for his real estate business.

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