Feeling down and listless? Try these 5 tips for daily inspiration

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Real estate can be a lonely business when we’re not busy with contracts and customers. It’s not uncommon for agents to feel alone in a crowded, buzzing office when their business is a bit flat.

As a real estate agent, your days can be long and filled with lots of trial-and-error, but you have to stay motivated and positive to be successful day-to-day.

Are you feeling down, listless and uninspired? Not for long! Here are five ways to find inspiration daily.

1.  Sing on the way to work

Pick a song that you love, turn it up, and join in. Besides the entertaining looks from passersby, research has found that singing releases endorphins associated with pleasure called oxytocin, a hormone known to lessen stress and anxiety. And over time, it lowers levels of cortisol, indicating lower stress. So sing away!

2. Read about real heroes

My brother survived Officer Candidate School years ago for the Marine Corps and recalls one of the strategies used to fight through challenges. The drill sergeants used to read one citation per day about Medal of Honor recipients.

These superhero-like humans put their duty ahead of their own safety and did extraordinary things. And the gripping accounts of heroism point out what’s possible even in life’s toughest moments.

3. Help somebody

This is a two-step process.

Short term:

  • Open doors
  • Pick up something dropped
  • Return someone’s shopping cart at the grocery store
  • Let someone go ahead in traffic
  • Just pay someone a sincere compliment.

These small, seemingly insignificant, gestures will absolutely give you a boost.

Long term:

  • Schedule your helping commitment
  • Commit to serve meals
  • Help seniors
  • Clean up a stretch of highway
  • Volunteer at the library
  • Or find an ongoing service opportunity that’s meaningful for you

Beyond the obvious good, altruism has been shown to benefit the helpers’ physical and mental well-being.

4. Teach a colleague something today

In our chaotic profession, there is always more to learn and rarely time to make it happen. Without expecting something in return, reach out to a colleague and teach him or her something you do that works. Sharing is powerful.

5. Interview the most important person in your life: you

With your smartphone in hand, video record your answer to these two questions:

  1. Why do you want massive success in this business?
  2. Why should someone choose you as his or her real estate agent?

The responses should be 30 seconds or less and believe me — it might take a few tries. But finding your why is crucial to your success.

Have these strategies handy when you feel the malaise coming on. You’ll be back at it in no time.

Brian McKenna manages two residential resale offices for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Blake. You can follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.

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