RealtyPRO Network answers the question What else can I do with my real estate license

What else can you do with your Florida real estate license, and make money, besides being a Realtor?


Simply park your FL real estate license with RealtyPRO, and be ready to passively refer buyers or sellers anywhere in the US or Canada. We do the work and you GET PAID. That’s the power your activated real estate license holds to make referral commissions, even if you are no longer involved in the real estate industry!



Could even just 1 referral of $2000 change your situation or life? What could several referrals each year do for you and your family?


Click this short video to learn how and why to activate today!



ZERO Realtor/MLS fees – No need to be a *Realtor to be able to legally get paid for your referrals.

Starting a new career or business (another excellent source of referrals for you!)? No longer a Realtor or inactive? Time constraints? Retiring? Your life-plan changed or moving out of state? All our referral agents fit at least one of those categories just like you. Join with us TODAY to be ready and start making more income! Let all your friends, family, acquaintances know immediately (also easily with the help of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media) that you didn’t quit, give up, or fail, that you are still an active licensed RealtyPRO Associate agent (not a Realtor*) who will help them find the best professional Realtor for their specific need. And best of all it helps both of you, and at no additional cost to them! Utilizing one of the most experienced Realtors available will also help them save 10’s of thousands of dollars.

*(NOTE: The term Realtor is the registered service mark, and a member of the National Association of Realtors – a paid membership based real estate trade organization providing MLS access. Being a Realtor, or not being a Realtor, has nothing to do with your license activation status with Florida’s FREC/DBPR and your ability to legally earn referral commissions when activated under our brokerage – FL Lic. CQ1035933. You will NOT be required to be a Realtor to get paid referrals, therefore ZERO Realtor/MLS fees.)



You need an active real estate license to be ready to make referral commissions!

Could you use an extra $2000 (from just one passive referral – scroll down for an example) for things that always come up in life? You still have your valuable Florida real estate license, so please don’t give up or throw away your hard earned license, & it’s power to make you additional referral commission income! Buyer and seller opportunities pass by us on their own all the time, BUT are only seen and then capitalized on if you are ready for them as a RealtyPRO Associate referral agent. For instance, didn’t you start to see your particular model and color of car everywhere BUT ONLY AFTER you bought it? It wasn’t that there were suddenly more of them, but just that YOU were now ready to be more aware of them. You changed your mindset. Similarly, after you become a RealtyPRO Associate referral agent, you will see those money making referral opportunities everywhere, but now will be ready to immediately capitalize on them to make more income.

Be ready immediately for all the referral opportunities all around! (Most of the time worth at least $1000 to you just for passively referring!) If you aren’t ready as a RealtyPRO Associate referral agent, it just won’t happen, and you will miss out. Murphy’s law, so be ready now. Click the big orange button and join us right now by activating your FL real estate license with our quick and simple online form. We will verify your information and hang/activate your real estate license within 24-72 hours (most often even less time).



Utilize the Value & Power of your FL real estate license to passively MAKE ADDITIONAL INCOME!

Create a referral side-business for more income Switching careers or concentrating on a new business Realtor fees too expensive Create savings for the holidays and trips Get paid for referrals anywhere even if you have moved to another state Increase retirement income Finally start or increase saving for retirement Increase your yearly income Switch from full-time sales Stay up to date in the industry Put your Realtor sales career on temporary hold Obtain the state required active sales license “experience” before getting your broker’s license Save for a new car or auto expenses Start saving for your kids college fund Make additional money to pay taxes Pay off debt Make an additional mortgage payment(s) per year Take your many yearly “business” tax deductions by having an active professional license & business (especially helpful during the holidays) Make money to take your family on a much needed vacation And many more personal reasons for you




How you can make $1800 on just one real estate referral!

How you can make $1800 on just one referral!


Above is an example of a residential resale referral. Split to Associate is 80%, yielding $1800 to the Associate. (Commercial real estate and business referrals are not standardized and vary. Commission split is 50/50 on these types of referrals in part do to the complexity, time, and increased liability for RealtyPRO Network over standard residential resale referral transactions.)


Activate/Hang your FL Real Estate License!




Out of state referral example.

RealtyPRO Associate referral agent3


In-state referral example.

RealtyPRO Associate referral agent 2

RealtyPRO™ Associate referral agents do not have to live in the state they are licensed in (the perfect solution if you are moving out of state). RealtyPRO™ Associates can choose which agent they want the referral to go to, but you must let us know first and we’ll make the arrangements.

Activate/Hang your FL Real Estate License!


Here’s how it works…


As a RealtyPRO™ Associate referral agent, you get paid for supplying referrals that result in closed transactions by our experienced pre-qualified RealtyPRO Advisor Realtors (or a Realtor of your or your referral’s choice) – and they do all the work! Referral submission is quick and easy…just fill out our online referral form (which we will provide you after you join), and everyone will be immediately notified. We’ll create the referral agreement, and an experienced professional RealtyPRO™ Advisor will then start helping your customer referral. RealtyPRO™ Advisor agents are the most trusted and experienced agents in their specialty, so naturally have the highest skills and abilities to actually get the transaction to close, and you to get paid.

You agree that you will not act as a sales associate in a regular sales agent / client capacity. You will be hands-off to this transaction and will never create or submit contracts. You won’t be a Realtor, so will not have MLS access or be able to list properties personally (you can refer yourself to a Realtor to list your own property). But, you also don’t have to pay any high cost Realtor board dues, multiple listing service (MLS) dues, franchise fees, lock box key fees, office fees, desk fees, advertising, team commission splits, or any other miscellaneous costly fees that are typical to being a Realtor.

RealtyPRO™ Network compensates referral Associates an 80% split of the full referral commission upon the closing of the subject residential property (minimum commission split to RealtyPRO Network is $150), of typically 25% of the gross commission earned by the Realtor/Advisor we sent the referral to. Commercial real estate referral percentages/commissions are not standardized and vary; commission split to Associate is 50% on commercial property and business referrals in part due to the complexity, time, increased paperwork, & liability over residential referrals, for RealtyPRO Network. We always require and create a signed commission agreement with the Realtor’s qualifying/managing broker before the referral’s contact information is given out to that Realtor/Advisor.


Activate/Hang your FL Real Estate License NOW!



Hang (or “park”) your Florida real estate license as a RealtyPRO™ Associate Referral Agent and start benefitting TODAY!

Our top Benefits at a glance…


  • We offer a very high ROI
    Most people don’t realize that they don’t have to pay expensive fees to be a Realtor to get the value and ROI out of their real estate license. They can use their real estate license’s legal power to get paid for their passive referrals (just like attorneys get paid for referring a client to another attorney to do the work for their client).

    We are being VERY generous to motivate you to put your real estate license to good use. Only $149/year (roughly the cost of 3 cups of gourmet coffee per month) hangs/activates your Florida sales or broker-sales license & elevates your professional trusted status as an exclusive RealtyPRO™ Associate with our referral company! Also get many immediate financial benefits by starting today, from $1000’s in additional “business” tax deductions, to $1000’s in extra referral income (both of course very helpful at the holidays).

    In terms of a business decision (we are all individually really acting as a business entity), this small investment to activate the power of what you already earned, can return you many $1000’s per year (take your tax deductions too)! Even at the worst case, if it took you 1, 2, or even 5 years (which we DO NOT think it will) always being ready as an active professionally licensed RealtyPRO Associate referral agent with professional business cards, to make just one referral that nets you $3000 and more (or even just $1000), wouldn’t you join? Of course you would, because it’s a good business decision and Return On Investment (ROI).

    Most people think that doubling your money is a great investment. We think you will do much better than that even (but you won’t make anything with an inactive real estate license going to waste).

    We’ve been told by many of our agents before they joined us, that they missed multiple referral opportunities that would have made them THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ON EACH REFERRAL, because they weren’t ready with an activated real estate license (“I told you so” moments). Learn from their mistake. Don’t procrastinate – click the orange button and join with us right now by filling out the simple online form (and also still get your free personalized business cards while the promotion lasts).

  • 7-day money-back guarantee
    – We want you to be happy with your decision to join RealtyPRO™ Network, the nation’s fastest growing FL real estate referral companies / FL real estate license holding companies and national referral network. So to help you make the wise choice to join with us right NOW, we give you a 7-day 100% money back guarantee if you change your mind within this time. (Let’s you lock in your limited time offer before we pull it.)
  • 0 Realtor, MLS, E&O, desk, or office fees!
    NO more high cost Realtor association/board fees, MLS fees, lock-box key fees, office/desk fees, franchise fees, transaction fees, E&O insurance, etc.- These exorbitant fees are no longer necessary for you as an active RealtyPRO™ Associate referral agent, saving you thousands of dollars yearly!
  • 80% split to you on residential resale referrals
    80% split to you on residential resale referrals, and double the referral commission to you on new construction! Commercial, industrial, and business real estate referral percentages/commissions vary; commission split to Associate is 50% (split 50/50) on these types of referrals in part do to the complexity, time, and increased liability for RealtyPRO Network over much simpler residential referral transactions.
  • Even if just one real estate referral commission per year
    Even if just one real estate referral commission per year (typically $1000-$7000 to you per referral) can make a difference for your family, why would you not join us to be ready, AND keep your professional status?– Use the extra income for holiday gifts, family vacation, taxes, clothes, food, entertainment, school supplies, deferred or unexpected auto maintenance, savings, retirement savings, making an extra mortgage payment per year to cut a decade off your mortgage, etc.
  • Take your $1000's per year in business tax deductions
    Take your $1000’s per year in “business” tax deductions available by having an Active Professional License – Don’t miss out on this HUGE benefit to save you $1000’s or more because of an inactive FL real estate license! Hang your FL real estate license today to activate your professional status in order to immediately start recording $1000’s or more in yearly “business” tax deductions. There are many tax saving deductions available to you by showing an active real estate professional license on your tax return (consult your accountant or CPA). Many deductions are available to you for customer gifts and store gift cards too (Christmas, thank-you, birthdays, appreciation, pre-client, etc.), food/wine/entertainment, home office, office equipment/supplies, laptops/PCs, tablet/iPad, Audio/Video, cell phone/bill, etc.
  • Only experienced specialized professional Realtor Advisors utilized!
    The exclusive RealtyPRO Network gives you the piece of mind that your referral will be taken care of ONLY by the most experienced and specialized Realtor Advisor available for your particular customer’s specific need. (If you or your customer already have an agent in mind that is ok too. We just ask that they are well experienced because we are putting our name behind that Realtor for the customer.) This not only means that the buyer or seller is happier, but it also increases the odds that the transaction will close and you will actually be paid! Our referral leads NEVER just go to a new or inexperienced Realtor. That often happens with other referral companies especially when the lead stays in-house to help support new agents or part-timer production quotas. Not with RealtyPRO Network!
  • No obligation
    No obligation to keep your license active with RealtyPRO™ Network FL real estate referral company for the entire year term if you do not wish to. You are free to deactivate or move your license to a full time brokerage at any time (for instance going back into real estate full time as a Realtor).
  • Earn extra income through simple passive referrals
    – Your ACTIVE FL sales-associate or broker-associate real estate license is much more valuable than you realize! All you do is refer customers; we take care of everything. Everyone you know is a real estate prospect. That includes relatives, neighbors, friends, former clients, former prospects, coworkers, or organization members, etc. And they all know people too. Let the power of social media help you too. You will help them get the best professional specialized real estate representation possible.
  • Holiday Special
    – Free business cards but only for a limited time – We want you to be very successful in all aspects of your business and life, so we will even send you a box of personalized professional business cards to help you get going, to help let everyone know that you are still a licensed Professional. Limited time offer so Join Now before the offer disappears for good!
  • Get 10% off all our online real estate license education courses!
    We’ve partnered with one of the best national online real estate education providers to pay it forward to you. All sales pre & post license, broker pre & post license, exam prep, appraiser, and real estate license continuing education (CE) courses are available on our main website under ‘Real Estate Education – Online Courses’.
  • Retain your professional license status
    – Let everyone know that you are still an ACTIVE FL licensed RealtyPRO™ Associate real estate professional with our real estate referral company, providing a service helping buyers and sellers link with the most experienced, trusted, and relevant Realtors in our industry. Why wouldn’t you want to let everyone you know your professional status (and everywhere you can – social media definitely included), and that you are still an active licensed professional agent? It’s worth commission income to you, just making referrals!
  • Keep your license from expiring and becoming completely useless.
    By not keeping your license in good standing, it will expire. That means you would have to take the entire Florida real estate pre-license course and state exam all over again. Activating your FL sales-associate or broker-associate license with RealtyPRO Network real estate license holding/referral company will keep you motivated and alerted to keep your valuable license in good standing. (Don’t lose it, utilize it and get paid!)
  • Keep all your past clients, prospects, business acquaintances
    Keep all your past clients, prospects, business acquaintances – don’t lose them. Who you know is always extremely important in all walks of life – If you’ve been a Florida real estate agent/Realtor for some time in the past, but are putting full time real estate sales on hold (even temporarily), keep your Florida license on active status and keep all the clients and prospects you’ve been farming for years. Don’t lose your past clients and commissions to another agent! Let them know you are still an ACTIVE Florida real estate referral agent with the fastest growing nationally recognized professional real estate referral company brokerage!
  • Your clients will be serviced by the best
    Your clients will be serviced by the best qualified Realtors – A pre-qualified, experienced, and trusted professional RealtyPRO™ Advisor will be assigned to work with and help your real estate referral prospect (unless you already have an experienced agent in mind). Working with the best of the best agents means the likelihood of a closed real estate transaction will be greater, also meaning the greater likelihood you will get paid a referral fee commission.
  • Work from your home at your convenience
    Create an entire real estate referral business or “residual income stream” side-business out of just passively referring real estate customer prospects to our network of Advisor agents.
  • Earn $20 for each new agent you refer
    who joins our exclusive network by hanging their real estate license with the best real estate referral company/brokerage in Florida & California. Currently YOU MUST CONTACT US BEFORE THEY REGISTER/PAY in order for them to get the credit (using a discount code at checkout).




Capitalize immediately on the many benefits of activating or parking your Florida real estate license today!

The only way to benefit from your hard earned real estate license is to keep it active. Activate/Hold/Park/Hang your Florida real estate license with the nationally recognized RealtyPRO Network and start benefiting immediately!

Activate/Hang/Park your FL Real Estate License!


Activate/Park/Hang Your Florida Real Estate License Quickly & Easily Below!

We’ve eliminated the barriers so you can easily make passive income off the license you worked so hard for! It’s a “no-brainer” – you have it, use it don’t lose it!

Activate-Hold-Hang-Your-Florida-Real-Estate-LicenseKeep your professional status & real estate license active at low cost – simple, professional, high-ROI. The potential return on investment (ROI) far outweighs our low membership fee, with the average referral commission $1800-2500 (depending on state).

So for about the cost of 2 “gourmet” coffees per month you keep your professional status & utilize the hard work you already put into your valuable license, and get paid for simply submitting referrals (no minimum quotas required like other companies) through our simple online form. Now there is no (Realtor fee) barrier to being prepared, as an exclusive professional RealtyPRO Associate referral agent!

  • Click for an Important short VIDEO & Message to FL Licensees from our Broker/President
    Re: “What else can I do with my Florida real estate license to make money [than be a Realtor]?

    Dear Florida Real Estate License Professional,

    I’ve found in speaking with many Florida licensees, that even just one real estate referral per year will make a difference in their family’s lives…We’re striving to make it easy for that to happen for you too!

    Your Inactive license status or an unused FL real estate license means its incredible value for you to get paid commissions just by making simple referrals, and all your past hard work, is going to waste (as well as your ability to immediately start taking $1000’s in yearly “business” tax deductions with an Active professional license).

    My name is Dan, licensed Realtor since 2003 (connect with me on LinkedIn) and Broker/President of the RealtyPRO™ Network in Jan 2010, first in Florida & California, now the fastest growing real estate license holding company/brokerage and real estate referral company/network in the nation. I’d like to show you how you can utilize your valuable FL real estate license to get paid additional yearly real estate referral income (and additional immediate benefits like taking your many tax deductions) by just making real estate referrals, and without having to join an expensive local Realtor association and MLS.

    After the real estate bubble burst, like many Realtors I spent so much time and effort struggling to rebuild my business, years longer than I thought it would take. It was very tough times for most agents, robbing Peter to pay Paul to Pay Peter back, etc. etc. I also had to get my mortgage broker’s license to supplement my income (what a losing battle that was, since it was almost impossible for anyone to get a mortgage!). I realized that there were so many good intentioned hard working agents (maybe like you too) who fought a good long fight, but just could no longer make ends meet for their families; nothing was closing in my market anyway. Some agents who had been in this industry for years or even decades, found it time to retire or change careers. So much hard work, effort, and life lost spinning our wheels for years I thought. It wasn’t us who brought down our own industry and everything we worked so hard for. We were literally fighting to keep it (and our economy) together!

    So to help agents like you, in Jan 2010 I created the RealtyPRO™ Network, a CA & FL real estate referral company/brokerage & CA/FL license holding company for licensees to be able to get something back from all your hard work, and all the contacts you’ve made along the way. Capitalize on the incredible value of your hard earned real estate license and start getting paid referral commissions, even if you are no longer involved in this industry!

    As the Broker and President, I personally invite you to start benefiting from your valuable FL real estate license and join TODAY with our explosive growth by hanging/activating it with the exclusive RealtyPRO™ Network! Just fill out our quick, easy, and paperless online activation form at the bottom of this page. Today’s the day to get the value of your Florida real estate license back and give yourself a raise making additional yearly real estate referral income, and taking your tax deductions!

    To your success and prosperity!

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Inactive License = Wasted License Power = Unprepared = No Opportunities = NO Money!

Park your Florida real estate license with best and most trusted nationally recognized real estate referral brokerage and national agent network.

  • Take YOUR $1000’s in yearly tax deductions – but only with an active professional license (an active business): laptop, iPad/tablet, printers, phone, gift cards, home office equipment/supplies, gas, etc.
  • 7-day 100% money back guarantee if you change your mind. Lock in now before any special offer ends without notice.
  • Only $149/yr membership activates your Professional Florida SL or BK real estate license as an exclusive RealtyPRO™ Associate.
  • 0 Realtor, MLS, E&O, desk, office fees! 80% split to you on residential resales, the highest split available! Earn DOUBLE the regular referral on new construction! Commercial/business 50% (liability).
  • Stay current with the 11,600+ members in our RealtyPRO™ Network “Pay it Forward” Knowledge Exchange group on LinkedIn (& FL specific group)
  • No obligation to keep your license active the whole year. You are free to deactivate your license or move it to a full-time Realtor brokerage any time.

shadow-of-epic-awesome credit card Services

Click one of the billing options below to quickly get started today!

Annual Membership (billed once) $149 per year Annual Membership (12 payments) $15.95 per mon.
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Automatic Recurring Billing - worry-free membership renewal
Costs shown are the regular fees. A one-time discount code can only be used with the full annual payment option.


  • Click for Additional Answers to Your Basic Questions
    1) PRIMARY ACTIVATION METHOD – Quick & Paperless Online: The quickest, simplest, & paperless way to hang/activate your license with us is by credit/debit card with our secure SSL encrypted online form after clicking your online payment option above (secured by a VISA company). You will get immediate submission and payment confirmation emails.

    Then, after the license activation is completed with RealtyPRO Network, we will send you a welcome email with the DBPR license status change pdf attached, and with simple instructions on how to submit a referral with our online form (within 72 hours, but usually 24-48 hours after your payment fully processes). You have a 14-day refund period, before we order your business cards.

    2) If it is impossible for you to activate online, then you may activate membership by FAX or Mail: FAX us your filled out and signed DBPR RE 11 Change of Status form to 888-783-2009 with the subject line “Activate FL License”. Also include your credit card name, billing address, card number, and expiration date. OR, call or email ( us with that information to finalize payment and activation. You can also mail us the completed signed form with a check for $149 to RealtyPRO Network, LLC; the address is on form. (FYI: The FL FREC/DBPR website now lets you download and print a copy of your Florida real estate license.)

    Florida Continuing Education (CE) 14 hrs Requirement – If you need to first complete your 14 hrs CE requirement, complete it quickly with our Florida real estate license continuing education online. Be sure to click the drop-down link on that page to get an instant 10% discount.

    Florida real estate license statuses – Current, Active, Voluntary Inactive, Involuntary Inactive, Expired, Void, etc. Click to view the FREC (Florida Real Estate Commission) real estate licensing FAQs for a full explanation of each Florida real estate license status.

    Have more questions? Check out our Associate FAQs page. If you first can’t find the answer there, then Contact Us or click the button below.

    Ask a question


Hang your Florida real estate license with the fastest growing and exclusive Florida real estate referral company/National real estate referral network. RealtyPRO Network, LLC is a licensed Florida & California real estate brokerage, real estate license holding company, and national real estate referral network. – 721 Palm Dr. Satellite Beach, FL 32937 / 45 South Atlantic Ave Cocoa Beach FL 32931 – Off: 561-223-1993.

Qualifying Broker for Florida – Daniel Biro / BK3229905 / Corporate License CQ1035933 Qualifying Broker for California – Jack C. Chu / 00871327