Housing Trends: What Caught the Attention Our Readers in 2017

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Home Prices, Credit Availability and the Economy Drive Readership

The numbers are in and our readers have spoken. We tallied up the readership on our top 10 most-read CoreLogic Insights blogs and found that top industry executives were very focused on the health of the real estate market, both nationally and in specific markets across the country this year.

The most-read blog, by a wide margin, was a text mining analysis of public listing information using word cloud which paired certain listing terms to higher sales prices. Word pairs like “quiet street,” “large backyard,” and “hardwood floors” were among terms which could be tied to higher sales prices. In addition, our audience also engaged with our economic outlooks, credit availability, and mortgage risk as prices continued their upward spiral.

We invite you to read these blogs now in case you missed them or would like to revisit the topic.

And the envelope, please… Here are the top ten most-read blogs (and video blogs) of the year:

Public Listing Comments Can Have an Impact on Closing Price

Is the Credit Cycle Turning?

California Million-Dollar Home Sales Climb to a Q1 Peak as Stocks Soar

Highest and Lowest Risk U.S. Housing Marketing as of Q1 2017

U.S. Economic Outlook: February 2017

Hurricane Matthew Clocks Top Wind Speed for 2016 at 101 MPH

Health of the Housing Market as of Q2 2017

U.S. Economic Outlook: October 2017

Purchase Mortgages, High LTVs May Up Fraud Risk in 2017

The Accuracy of Comparable-Property Data in an Appraisal Report

2017 was a very busy blog year for our economists, data research analysts and modelers, product experts and industry SMEs. As we wrap up 2017 we’re proud to have shared over 150 online, audio and video blog postings representing more than 25 CoreLogic contributors. The aim of CoreLogic Insights is to inform, educate and provide perspective on many characteristics of the housing economy and property markets. Our blogs address housing policy and trends, mortgage performance, property valuation, natural hazard risk, insurance and international topics.

We welcome you to view all of our 2017 posts on CoreLogic Insights. Happy Holidays and best wishes for a healthy and successful New Year!


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