How to find and target motivated sellers

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The internet has changed the way real estate agents market themselves. Every agent now realizes that he or she needs an online presence in to attract potential clients.

But digital promotion should not replace the more traditional systems of lead generation. The most successful agents combine internet tools with direct mail, phone blitzes and email campaigns — the bread and butter of prospecting — to find and target motivated sellers.

Traditional marketing practices

Traditional marketing involves getting down to the ground level, people-to-people interaction. It’s about meeting with potential clients at the right moment, when they are open to entertaining what you can offer them.

Often, property owners begin to think about selling long before they take any concrete steps toward listing. By offering advice and ideas to these property owners in the beginning stages, you can help guide them through the decision-making process, and eventually, the sale.

Creating the kind of advisory relationship involves communicating with prospects on a personal basis. You must talk with them, and perhaps meet with them. Traditional methods of marketing remove the veil of the internet and allow you to do just this. Direct mail and phone calls are personal ways to reach out to the person who might be interested in your help.

How to create a targeted list

Finding motivated seller lists can be done in a variety of ways. You can search through the public records yourself, or you can purchase prepared lists from a list source. The value of the list will be based on the credibility of the data. Accuracy should be documented so that you do not spend time and money mailing to inaccurate addresses.

What’s included on the list

A motivated seller list should include the owner’s name, property address, mailing address and as many contact options as possible, including phone number and email addresses, if possible.

You should look for a list that offers basic information about the property, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, estimated value, years of ownership and any mortgage information available.

Types of lists

  • Absentee landlords: Lists of properties that do not have landlords living on site
  • Vacant properties: Lists of vacant properties
  • Pre-foreclosures: Also known as distressed properties; these could have a notice of default or liens filed
  • Foreclosure properties: Properties that have already been foreclosed and are now available for sale or auction
  • Divorce: Lists of recently filed divorce cases within the county
  • Inherited: Properties involved in probate cases or recently transferred between family members
  • Referrals: Sellers who have been referred to you

How to use a motivated seller list

How to use the information included in the list is really up to you. You can make phone calls or create a mailing campaign. Whatever you do, be consistent.

Create a system for contacting these owners that offers something unusual and valuable to them. Then continue to reach out with additional information from time to time.

Traditional marketing, such as direct mail, might not produce immediate results; but added to other media, online marketing and interactions, it can supplement your current plans and provide a steady stream of prospects.

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