Our Inman News Facebook bot is live — here’s how you sign up

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We’ve been talking a lot about bots on Inman lately. There are several real estate options — Ask Doss, Holmes, Trulia’s rental bot, to name just a handful — and media companies are also getting their own bots off the ground to supply readers with stories and answer reader questions.

Thanks to developer Clark Giguiere (@clarkgiguiere), Inman now has its very own Facebook Messenger real estate news bot.

Want to sign up? (Of course you do!) Here are five ways you can add our Facebook messaging bot:

  1. By clicking on the “Send Message” button on our Facebook Page
  2. By searching “Inman News” in Facebook Messenger, clicking our logo from the results and then clicking “Get Started”
  3. By scanning our Messenger Code using your phone camera (link to code is here)
  4. By clicking on our Messenger Link
  5. Through our Send To Messenger web plugin at inman.com

So what’s it going to do to your messaging inbox? You’ll get our top news picks of the day delivered to you there, and as we develop the bot, you can also expect more features to emerge — like requesting stories or news items around specific topics or keywords.

(A sincere and huge thanks to Mr. Giguiere, who walked me through a few steps of the process of setting up this bot on the back-end and then did some more heavy lifting himself — all after he built and automated it for your convenience. If you have ever had to walk an editor through a technology procedure, then you know what a hero he is. Thanks again, Clark!)

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