Podcast: How to find your FOCUS in real estate

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You probably think you have focus. With all the widgets, shiny objects and easy buttons being sold to agents every day, it’s easy to get entangled in a dozen different directions and still think you have focus. But, what does focus mean to us? Rethink your focus using this acronym: FOCUS — follow one course until successful.

The great news is that your one course and my one course don’t have to be the same. We work hard to teach our students to set and follow their goals and dreams; not the ones they heard preached in a seminar or forced on them by their ego.

However, your course (or plan) must include some essentials and meet some important criteria. Here are some important questions to ask yourself about whatever current plan you have:

  • Is it a proven plan?
  • Do you have a daily schedule that reflects your plan?
  • What are the things that take you away from your plan, and how can you overcome those obstacles?
  • What accountability do you have to stick to your plan?

We’re often sold on the idea that the plan has to be complicated. In reality, the best plan is one that takes the straightest and shortest route.

Listen to today’s show as we talk about the simple, proven elements of plans that bring success when you work them daily and are willing to be accountable.

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