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We’ve having a busy summer here at RISMedia as we (among other things) finalize plans for this September’s Real Estate CEO Exchange. This event is a fan favorite as it brings together a select group of the country’s Power Brokers and industry leaders for frank discussion about the critical issues affecting our industry and their impact on broker profitability. Within this cadre of invitation-only guests, there is freedom and willingness to share information and ideas. No competitors here…just compadres.

Having the insider’s view of the event as it takes shape, I thought I’d share what are sure to be the highlights of this year’s event, taking place on Sept. 13 and 14 at the Harvard Club in New York City. Unlike Letterman, this Top 10 is in no particular order:

Reviewing the speaker line-up. This is one of the most eclectic groups we’ve ever had. You’ll enjoy the wisdom of successful real estate veterans and the fresh perspective of dynamic upstarts.

Walking into Harvard Hall. If you’ve been fortunate enough to visit the Harvard Club in NYC, then you know what I’m talking about. Our main sessions will take place in Harvard Hall, an inspiring setting to put our minds to work.

What the keynote speakers will share. We’ve chosen keynote speakers who don’t hold back: Realogy’s Alex Perriello and HSF Affiliates’ Gino Blefari. Alex will kick things off day one on Sept. 13 with a State of the Union Address, and Gino will open day two with his insights into Success Strategies for Today and Tomorrow. Two different styles, for sure, but both of these leaders are known for cutting to the chase and sharing hands-on information.

Hearing from real estate’s renegades. On day one of the CEO Exchange, Sept. 13 at 3:45 p.m., we will gather the leaders of some of real estate’s newest players: Compass’ Robert Reffkin, Climb Real Estate’s Chris Lim, and Launch Real Estate’s John Vatistas. The buzz over their respective companies is widespread and we’ll hear why during ‘The Evolution of the Real Estate Model: What’s Working and Why.’

Ken Trepeta’s predictions for post-election life. On day two of the event, Sept. 14 at 1:45 p.m., Ken Trepeta will present the keynote presentation ‘How the Presidential Election Will Impact Your Business.’ If you’ve heard Ken speak before, then you know his impartial, straight-shooting style will do this topic great justice and hopefully, give us some much-needed perspective on this volatile election season.

The Welcome Reception. At 5 p.m. on Sept. 13, we’ll gather for an RISMedia time-honored event: the Welcome Reception. Year after year, attendees tell us about the strategic relationships that began over cocktails at an RISMedia reception. Or the pearls of wisdom that were shared by a peer on the opposite sides of the country. Great company, great hors d’oeuvres and a surprise from Quicken Loans…it’s one of the best hours you’ll spend all year.

Getting to know the new Upstream CEO. Alex Lange, the recently appointed CEO of Upstream will be joined by Upstream board members Mark McLaughlin (Pacific Union Intl.) and Cary Sylvester (Keller Williams Realty Intl.) for a Q&A with RISMedia’s John Featherston. This is a great opportunity to get the skinny on this important project and get to know the man who’s now in charge.

A lively debate or two. This is not your typical educational conference, where you quietly listen to presentations and pore over power points. The CEO Exchange is specifically designed to take a conversational and candid approach to hard-hitting topics. Thus, we’ve had our fair share of disagreements. Check out our full agenda here.

A can’t-miss Open House. If you were at the CEO Exchange for the past two years, you know that our Closing Reception on Sept. 14 takes place at a swanky Manhattan listing. We’re close to inking the deal on a spectacular property for this year’s Ultimate Open House, courtesy of Halstead Properties. Trust me, you will not want to miss this one.

Of course, New York. This list would not be complete without paying homage to our host city, New York, N.Y. The Harvard Club is centrally located in Midtown, giving you quick access to Broadway, museums, top restaurants and countless other New York moments. So be sure to venture out and make your own ‘wows’ too.

RISMedia’s Real Estate CEO Exchange is an invitation-only event. For further information, please click here.

The CEO Exchange is sponsored by the industry’s leading brokerage firms and service providers. For the complete agenda and list of sponsors, please click here.

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