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Founded on the premise of offering agents the programs and sales tools of a large company while retaining the personal touch and streamlined communications of a more intimate corporate culture, Star One REALTORS® opened its doors in 1991. While the firm has grown in size and scope over the years, what hasn’t changed is their dedication to going above and beyond to ensure that their buyer and seller clients are satisfied throughout the real estate process.

According to CEO Mark Meinhardt, one of the contributing factors to the firm’s success over the years is their commitment to educating buyers and sellers about the added value that comes with a home warranty.

Not only does HSA deliver a valuable service to both buyers and sellers, but they also offer an unprecedented level of responsiveness at the corporate level.

“We have been extremely pleased with our relationship with HSA,” says Meinhardt, who points to Kristen Moore—their local representative—as a key player in the equation. “Kristen provides the same level of personalized service we like to give to all of our clients. She is extremely reachable—even during the evening hours and on the weekends—and is great about responding to any questions we have about any areas of coverage.”

For Meinhardt, this 24/7 accessibility to their local rep and the entire HSA team goes a long way toward instilling a level of confidence when talking to buyers and sellers about the HSA home warranty.

“Kristen is extremely proactive about checking the information we input,” adds Meinhardt. “She is virtually a quality control point person—a real advocate on behalf of our clients.”

In addition to always being there for the firm’s clients, the various plans offered through HSA cover all the bases, no matter the situation.

Star One REALTORS®’ Sandy Sieve recalls a client’s decision to purchase the 7 Star Upgrade package when purchasing a home during the cold winter months.

“They knew the air conditioning system couldn’t be properly inspected, but they didn’t expect it to go out the first time they turned it on,” says Sieve. “Rather than having it repaired, they decided to replace it and having an HSA home warranty helped reduce the cost.”

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