Simplify Your CMA: Putting Your Best Foot Forward with Moxi Works

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When it comes to managing agent expectations and the ever-evolving demands of consumers, brokerages are hard-pressed to deliver the technology that will continuously help agents succeed. Not to be overlooked, it requires having an all-encompassing system that’s visually appealing and user-friendly, goes the distance in terms of agent adoption, and, subsequently, the reporting of information to clients. Now, real estate firms can have CRMs, agent websites, presentation tools and more all under one roof with Moxi Works’ Brokerage Hub, which serves as both the backbone connecting the brokerage and an agent’s be-all, end-all resource center.

After many of his colleagues learned about Moxi Works at a technology seminar, Tony Fisher’s company, Coldwell Banker Kappel Gateway Realty, decided to license the TouchCMA platform. The Moxi Works system had everything the brokerage’s former setup lacked—it was visually attractive, and it allowed for customizable electronic presentations that could be emailed in PDF or interactive formats. It was easy to use, incorporating and updating MLS data every 15 minutes to provide the latest information across all devices. It was exactly what the agents wanted.

“You can create marketing plans and presentations that a lot of the brokers use for recruiting,” says Fisher, a consultant and REALTOR®. “You can also build presentations to showcase certain areas or topics in a city for out-of-state buyers. You can give them an overview or feel of the area, including information on restaurants, food, shopping, commuting areas, recreation, sports events, mountains, wine tasting…people can Google that, but it’s nice when it comes directly from the agent.”

TouchCMA allows agents to customize anything they want to fulfill the needs of any transaction.

“From an admin side, I like that we have the ability to build templates for agents to use. Agents can then take these templates and tailor them to themselves. This gives agents and brokers flexibility in accomplishing and streamlining the process to get a good presentation based on the needs of the client.”

According to Fisher, both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy agents are responding well to the Moxi Works system, providing feedback such as, “It’s a lot easier than I thought!” to some calling it “flat-out fantastic!”

“Across the board, it’s a much more professional presentation,” he says.

Fisher notes that Moxi Works’ tech support is extremely responsive and knowledgeable, usually resolving issues within the first phone call.

“Our account rep Daniel is very helpful in making changes to help us showcase what the market is doing so we can better explain it to clients. Then, they are better educated and in a better position to make a decision,” he says. “Moxi Works goes above and beyond to understand issues and then implements good and reasonable solutions.”

With in-depth marketing analysis, professional, customizable presentations and MLS integration all in one, TouchCMA has empowered Coldwell Banker Kappel Gateway Realty to turbo-charge its offerings, and hence, raise its value proposition to clients. While MLSs provide a single graph and show the same data in different ways, Moxi Works’ scattergrams and built-in trend lines do all the work for you, so clients can better understand the data that will ultimately affect their buying decisions. Fisher calls it “common sense.”

“TouchCMA does it all for you. The presentation to clients is better received because they can better understand it. Moxi Works’ implementation is bar none the best.”

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