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… I … we ate on Sunday to see a big super Deluxe super expensive and you know like our houses of the week … heating up this … stuff is … joining me right now to help … walk us through them they’re beautiful as always … California … skeletal California living in her to go right to buy an economy where Nevada and California to twenty acre property … in fact an elevation six thousand feet and the owner his wife actually both have a street in a … the airline industry he was a time when she was a stewardess … and that’s a baby really just love the location they have a helicopter pad on the property … I got a pilot is what is this tour is near six thousand feet I mean … the kind of a campus is built around mile high club … yes … that’s right my car I found myself updated seven million dollars I’d taken it down a little bit not suffocate myself Spencer has a sell on Obama … yet that … that that he would release because he and Oklahoma is to to to restore calm actually … has a very Mediterranean … vibe to it … I it was built out there in the nineteen twenties twenty six rooms as a gas fireplaces six fountains this really intricate ire were tile work on your outlook that and that’s that reserve auction starring in a hundred thousand dollars on June twenty change quiet Market founders of sky Atlanta English was going to issue new and testing a lot of like the styles sort of these the constituent expecting but in Atlanta we have a mention twenty nine stone house … that was built as a replica of the team was possible manner … um and it’s filled with back to the poured concrete walls oak floors throughout … read the classical in style … and add the owner was very faithful in the renovations we add an additional room Keywas this Iraq war is to make additions to the exterior stone wall step for him if he likes to this is the home for you guys are that they had to choose the right now we’re going to the mid one effort … with Weatherford Westchester County … I see me … yet … so I it’s that it was cool but this is the text of the bones of the moments in the room so we’re actually go from a dairy barn in the U turn this into … nineteen hundreds … consider this entry in the war against the Clippers at us for dinner um so eight acre property in Westchester … and it’s just that it’s completely renovated for new construction in two thousand ten was built but it has some these walls from a barn so that’s a very sturdy feel to it their desired location and you can also could be from there I write this cause of the week thanks for bringing us the


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