What to pay attention to in the finance ‘silly season’

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In the news business, the end of July through August is known as the “silly season.” So slow that page one carries “Man Bites Dog.” So it is in finance, also. My parents and grandparents were political junkies, scattered from Bull Moosers to Dixiecrats. They did manage polite discussion. Constantly. Thus I am a junkie, too, although an anti-partisan (anti any party), and I have memories of every national convention from 1960 forward. Just as unprecedented lunacy in Cleveland began to pierce my armor, my wacky hometown came to the rescue. This week in distractions In Nederland, a village just west of Boulder, on Wednesday a lemur on a leash bit a 2-year-old girl (“nibbled” is more accurate, as no injury). Local gendarmes pursued the owner while using the radio call…


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