Why you should dive into video fearlessly — and with style

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A recent video from JK Realty’s “Beard Estate Agent” crew — part of the 48 Real Estate team — shows three laid-back, bearded (of course) dudes heaving themselves athletically out of the pool in a house tour. Lead agent R.J. Cushing, who has a background in marketing and lived in California, wanted the scene to resemble a similar one in the film “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” The beginning of the video shows the three agents meeting up on bikes in the neighborhood and arriving at the house, then touring it as with an old friend, quipping “even a bad cook can cook in this kitchen.” Target your video to the style of potential buyers Jason and Kala Laos According to JK Realty’s co-founders, Kala and Jason Laos, the doctor-turned-entrepreneur seller, who has built himself a…


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