Working With Buyers: Three Keys to Establishing Mutual Expectations

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A successful buyer experience can be traced back to a straightforward REALTOR®-buyer initial consultation. Here, the whole home buying journey is launched from a mutual set of realistic expectations based on input from both parties, but it’s up to the REALTOR® to take the lead.

Asking the right questions

  • Is your client relocating and unfamiliar with area neighborhoods and schools?
  • How important is an eat-in kitchen?
  • Is a one-car garage or lack of central air conditioning a deal-breaker?
  • Is your buyer more interested in a walkable community with a lot of professionals?
  • Do they have a home to sell and what is their moving timeframe?
  • Mostly, what can they afford?

Laying a solid foundation

Establishing groundwork at this part of the relationship will determine all of your actions moving forward, so setting a solid foundation is essential. Location, price, home characteristics, school district; proximity to amenities and jobs, are all considerations. Having those preferences in hand will be of great benefit when conducting your property searches.

Another important step in the consultation stage includes setting realistic expectations of what your buyer can anticipate in today’s market. A good example of what your client should anticipate can be demonstrated by way of a Market Activity Report, offered by Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®). The report details in full color, and branded to the presiding REALTOR®, all active, pending, and sold properties in the area, as well as recent price changes.

RPR also offers an in-depth Neighborhood Report that profiles the people, economy, quality of life, and housing market that make up your search area. Look to this invaluable resource for age ranges, incomes, occupations, education levels, voting trends, job growth and unemployment, cost of living, commute times, and even schools.

Schools a major factor for many

Speaking of schools, we know the Fair Housing Act prohibits agents from sharing their opinions. RPR® has created a viable alternative—one that relieves the agent’s burden and offers buyers more-than-enough data on their school of choice. RPR’s School Report summarizes student populations, testing outcomes, parent reviews, ratings, and more. REALTORS® can even compare schools within a district or a specified radius, and search for nearby listings, thereby eliminating the need for personal interpretations by either party.

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