zipLogix Launches the zipLogix Academy

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zipLogix™ has launched the zipLogix Academy™, an education platform developed for real estate professionals to exceed their training needs for every zipLogix product, the company recently announced. The launch marks the beginning of an initiative to provide a full-service education platform.

“The launch of zipLogix Academy is the realization of our vision to provide our users with a one-stop shop for training and education,” says zipLogix Chairman of the Board Mark Petersen. “This program provides access to the knowledge that unlocks the full potential of our tools that real estate professionals utilize every day to help their clients achieve the dream of homeownership. Our education resources will, of course, increase productivity with each time-saving feature in our products, but the real asset of the zipLogix Academy is our users will now spend more time with family, friends, and clients, because they spend less time on transactions.”

The zipLogix Academy launches with the following programs available:

  • Live online training sessions;
  • on-demand training videos;
  • step-by-step instructional guides;
  • certified trainer directory; and
  • certification program for prospective trainers.

The live online training connects groups of real estate professionals directly to the zipLogix Academy staff, in an open learning atmosphere discussing time-saving skills and tactics for every product from zipLogix. To accommodate every real estate professional’s schedule, the zipLogix Academy has created on-demand training available anytime on zipLogix’s YouTube channel. In conjunction with other training sources, step-by-step instructional guides have also been developed to enrich the experience of live online training and on-demand training. Each of the guides can be saved and used later as a refresher.

zipLogix has cultivated a nationwide network of knowledgeable industry peers in the zipLogix Academy directory of certified trainers. Every zipLogix user has access to the directory, connecting them to a certified trainer in their area. In addition, the redesigned certification program is available to real estate professionals that wish to join the growing community of zipLogix Academy certified trainers. Once certified, the prospective trainer will be included in the directory and can begin sharing their wealth of technological expertise with their peers.

The zipLogix Academy initiative is set to expand over the coming months to encompass additional initiatives.

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